Seeing Ancient & Modern China on Your Holiday

Ancient & Modern China

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When planning a trip to China, there is such contrast between traditional and contemporary, you want to ensure you get the full breadth of both sides of the spectrum. Planning your trip beforehand to ensure you cover all bases is highly advisable. Due to the sheer amount of things you can do, see and experience in China, going with a clear vision in mind is key.

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Whether you are going it alone or choosing to go with a tour agency, this article will help you craft the best plan so you don’t miss all that China has to offer.  

Ancient & Modern China

Image Source: Unsplash

Planning A Trip To Both Modern And Traditional China

Whether it’s art, architecture or culture you want to see, you can experience both sides of the coin when in China.

Kuan And Zhai Alley

Kuan is one of the top historic preserve districts in China and offers a great amount of variety in lifestyle and culture. When looking at a mixture of modern lifestyle and historical culture, food and operas, this is the place to be. You will find a real melting pot as you venture off the beaten track. Discover traditional crafts and arts, silk as well as the latest fashion.

Great Wall Of China, China

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For the ultimate mix of contemporary and traditional, the capital holds the answer. Beijing is hands down one of the most historic places in China and has been its imperial capital for over 1,000 years now. Here you’ll find awe-inspiring sights and tourist attractions such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.


This beautiful place is steeped in imperial history and was ancient capital from as early as 265 AD. From the massacres of World War II, you will discover a rich history and many stories that contribute to the becoming of China.


If you want to dip your feet into China’s most prosperous and advanced city, this is the place to go. For complete contrast and a step away from the traditional, Shanghai offers a whole host of adventure. You’ll see the forefront of the country’s economic development, otherwise known as the gateway to China.

In Conclusion

Now you have discovered the new and the old, you will have a better idea of the variety China has to offer. To get the most out of your journey, mixing in traditional areas with the modern cities offers a fresh perspective of the country.


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