Is Rent the Runway Unlimited Worth It?

Is Rent The Runway Unlimited Worth The Price?

Products and Discount Code Updated July 26th, 2017!

A few months ago, I took the plunge. I signed up for Rent the Runway Unlimited. I was in the midst of a fashion crisis, where I needed to attend a LOT of events and didn’t have enough looks for each one. I knew I needed high-end products but without the designer budget. This is where Rent the Runway unlimited stepped in as the best option. Rent the Runway unlimited is a monthly subscription for $139 + tax you are able to borrow three at a time.

This is what I experienced:

I noticed that…

The first order took the longest to fulfill and send. It was a new process with very few instructions which made it a tad confusing. Also, if they send it via USPS, the return is always UPS! I made that mistake of returning it to the wrong drop off, that wasn’t fun to correct. However, their customer service team is superb in handling issues.

I suggest…

Filter the unlimited selection to your size. I was discouraged when I kept finding pieces I loved that were not available yet. To save time and heartache, filter out the selection first.

I love it because…

After I mastered the order process, the shipments came super fast and more frequently. Free shipping both ways is so convenient. Another added perk is that I am able to keep each piece for as long I wish! Meaning no stress to return them before a deadline. You can have three pieces out at a time, endless outfit possibilities. Some pieces are worth over $1000. Not too bad to have casually hanging in your closet. Last but not least, most outfits came in a very luxe garment bag. This made traveling with each look super easy and manageable.


It is a great service if you have events such as weddings, business parties, or summer parties to attend and don’t want to wear the same dress twice. I can honestly say it dramatically spruced up my wardrobe and accessories collection. Pieces that I needed to change out like coats, purses, and dresses were my prime picks. Also, their jewelry selection is to die for including pieces from Oscar de la Renta and Kenneth Jay Lane. Luckily you can cancel your membership at any time and rejoin at any time, which really makes the unlimited membership ideal for wedding and holiday season.

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Take a look at the clothing and accessory options that come with the unlimited subscription:


  1. Wow, what an interesting idea! I always get nervous with this kind of stuff, so it is great to hear your experience!

    So for $139+tax are you able to rent/return/rent as many dresses as you want within the month as long as you don’t have more than 3 items at a time?


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