Rent The Runway Unlimited 2018 Review & New Perks!

Rent The Runway 2018 Review

It’s no secret at this point that I am love with the brand Rent The Runway (please sponsor me!). I have written about their services twice before. My initial review of the unlimited option and then my thoughts a year later after using the subscription. Those reviews stay true to how I feel, but since then Rent The Runway has added a few extra perks that have completely changed the game. Here’s what they are:

New Membership Options

There are two ways to rent the clothes you love. The most popular, the unlimited monthly rental plan, and the new membership called RTR Update. 

RTR Update is a more affordable plan of $89 a month + tax (a trial membership starts at $69). You are allowed to rent 4 items at a time with one swap within the month. The same services are included: free 2 day shipping, free dry cleaning, and free insurance on each item.  

The Unlimited plan is my personal favorite, where you can now rent 4 pieces at a time and swap as many times you want each month. You have access to 475 designers, including premium designers like Nina Ricci and Gucci accessories. 

Swap On The Spot

One of my favorite new features is the ability to swap on the spot. Simply head to your local Rent The Runway stores and return your items. Immediately slots on your unlimited membership will open up and you can pick new items in stores! This has been a wish of mine for as long as I have been a member. Basically your local RTR store is your closet if you are an unlimited member. This is perfect for any last minute events, dates, or fashion emergencies. 

New High End Designers

The biggest addition to the memberships are the designers available. Gucci, Celine, Stella McCartney, and Self-portrait are a few of my favorite new designers added to the roster. Kendell + Kylie’s line is also available to rent, I actually appreciate their designs. You can read the full list of designers available here!

Why Rent The Runway

You may be asking, “why are you such a fanatic of this brand?” There are many reasons why. First, I truly believe this is the future for fashion, especially sustainable fashion. It is the solution for wanting to try as many styles from as many designers as possible, without breaking the bank or being wasteful. 52% said it is easier to try new trends and experiment with fashion. And 71% of members found new brands they loved that they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

Secondly, it cuts down on shopping per month. It is reported that 89% of members shop less each month, saving time and money. For myself personally, I feel more confident wearing designer names to events than wearing Zara or H&M (no offense to either!). Also, the process of selecting items is fun and can be done at home!

Lastly, Rent The Runway is a female owned and run business. It’s a real honor to be able to support a woman-run brand, and one that I truly adore. 

So, would you try these membership options? Have you tried them in the past? Let me know in the comments below. Here are a few of my favorite items now available. 

Rent The Runway 2018 Favorites


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