Is Rent The Runway Unlimited Worth It: One Year Later

Last year, I wrote an article Is Rent The Runway Unlimited Worth It. Since then, it has become one of the most popular articles I have written to date. I figured, when I was writing the article I had only been using the service for a few months and it was relatively brand new to the market. A year has gone by and not only has my experience changed, but the product (rent the runway unlimited) has changed as well. See if it is still worth it below!

Quick Summary of What is RTR Unlimited

To start, rent the runway unlimited is a monthly subscription where you can rent three items at one time at a fixed price. Within that month you can switch out any or all of those items as many times as you like. Shipping, dry cleaning, and insurance are all covered in the monthly subscription fee. Sounds incredible right?

My Previous Experience

A quick recap of what I initially thought of rent the runway unlimited a year ago. It is a great idea but at the time it had a few kinks with ordering. It took a long time to find an item in my size and was available. I also noticed that just because it may be delivered via USPS it always had to be shipped back via UPS. I loved the option of designer clothes that were available and most were way above what I was paying monthly. For instance, there are many dresses that are well over a thousand dollars, but I am paying only $139 to rent it along with jewelry and a purse. It totally upgraded my entire closet

My Experience Now, One Year Later

Luckily the price has remained the same! I think that is a huge plus because had it increased I am not sure if I would have stayed. I still love that the flat fee covers shipping and handling plus dry cleaning. That alone takes out so much of the burden.

I noticed ordering is now so so so much easier. They have created an app where you can order directly through instead of having to go on a computer to order. It is also much faster now to see what is available and in my size. This made a big difference.

Their customer service team is still impeccable and any issue I had, they handled very quickly.

The Downfalls

For some reason, the garment bags that the clothes and accessories come have become really dirty. I guess from being used over the year they have collected a lot of filth. But it is so simple to clean, I really don’t understand why they don’t just take a moment to clean them. It would create a much nicer experience.

I also noticed that some of the purses have been crushed in the garment bags. One See by Chloe purse, I couldn’t use because it was so badly flattened. Then there were times items would come and it didn’t look like anything close to the photos. I began relying heavily on reviews from customers before ordering.

So is it worth it?

If you have the budget to spend $139 (plus sales tax) to rent clothes and have events to attend, then yes it is worth it. If you only have $150 or so to spend each month on clothes, I would recommend buying instead of renting. What I found to be an issue is even while this service significantly adds to my wardrobe and takes up far less closet space, I still needed to shop for closet essentials. For instance, if I am in between orders and have a business event, I need to have pieces in my closet ready to go.

Wearing the Parker Top and Nina Ricci Purse from Rent The Runway Unlimited.

Is Rent the Runway Unlimited worth it Nina Ricci Purse and Parker Top

Is Rent the Runway Unlimited worth it Nina Ricci Purse and Parker top

Is Rent the Runway Unlimited worth it

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Have you ever tried Rent The Runway Unlimited? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. This was such an interesting post to read through. I’ve heard of the service, but never used it – the flat rate sounds great for covering everything inc. shipping and dry cleaning. Having said that, you’re totally right about how easy it’d be for them to clean the garment bags! Adore this Nina Ricci bag with the outfit, by the way 🙂

  2. I am a plus size girl, so sizing is a huge priority for me. These subscription boxes almost never cater to my size range. However, if I had $139 to spend every month I might consider it for at least the accessories.

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