My Red Valentino Striped Dress + How To Style Stripes

Today’s look features this Red Valentino striped dress.

I actually shot this look back in April when the trees were still bare and the grass had yet returned to green. The weather just happened to be gorgeous and warm and I had this beautiful dress. So I thought, why not take a few photos. Best news yet, the dress is now 50% off. Or you can get 45% off and free shipping here. See, sometimes it saves to wait!

Shop the post and read more tips on how to style stripes

I knew even back then that stripes were going to be big for Summer, but I had no clue how big this trend was going to be! Striped dresses, pants, tops, shoes have exploded on Instagram. It is definitely the main staple in people’s closet this season.

I love it! Especially when it is done right. This Red Valentino striped dress is one of my favorite ways to wear the trend. Thick bold stripes, a billowy fabric, sleeveless yet a modest cut. It is playful yet conservative. Stipes always reminds me of New England, maybe from all the yachting and the nautical theme. I, therefore, wear them in a way that reminds me of Cape Code or Nantucket. For instance, a striped top tucked into white jeans or a striped shift dress are a few of my favorite ways to wear the trend. I am curious, what does this theme remind you of? Let me know in the comments below and how you style stripes!

How to wear Stripes for Summer 2017 style tipsValentino and Skagen Style

How I Styled The Red Valentino Striped Dress

I made sure the Red Valentino striped dress was the focal point of the look by keeping accessories neutral. BTW, if you are on a budget, this dress is similar and only $106. I paired a beautiful saddle bag by Skagen with the dress for a very clean, minimalist look. The leather bag is roomy enough to carry what I need for the day without being too bulky. It comes in three different colors, which you can see here!

I matched the tan purse with some nude pumps by Jimmy Choo, exact ones here. They are my go-to heels when styling looks. Somehow they just match perfectly with everything. It is a worthy investment.

Lastly, I placed a gold knotted bracelet on one wrist to tie in the nautical theme. I thought it was a cute touch! My earrings are from Chanel, I hadn’t worn them in a bit and thought it would be fun to bring them out. Do you ever forget about jewelry you have, and once you see it again, you just have to wear that piece? That’s what happened here!

Style tips on wearing stripes for summer 2017The best stripes for Summer 2017 Tips on how to style stripes to flatter your body

How To Style Other Striped Looks

Like I mentioned earlier, I typically pair striped pieces with very New England inspired silhouettes. That is simply where my mind goes when seeing the pattern. I often stick to creating very regal and chic outfits, perfect for a clambake. However, it is up to you what you like when it comes to wearing this trend. Some see stripes and think hipster paradise and pair it with a beanie. Others see whimsical and match the pattern with soft pastels. For me, here are my tips!

Choose stripes that flatter your body. As you can see here, verticle stripes have the ability to lengthen your legs and body, while horizontal can make you look wider. Pinstripes are universally flattering, while with wider stripes it is best to try before you buy.

For blouses, I love pairing striped shirts with wide legged pants or skinny jeans. If the top is form fitting, I go with a wide leg pant. Vice versa, if the blouse is loosely fitted, I pair the look with skinny jeans or shorts for summer.

For dresses, the one tip I have is this: vertical stripes can have a more flowy silhouette, however for horizontal stripes keep it form fitting. The horizontal stripes will hug your figure and actually be very flattering to your shape, creating all the right curves.

For pants, again keep the stripes vertical and pair with a simple clean top. A V-neck or Crew Neck Tee is my favorite way to go. You can match the colors in your pants or go with a crisp white Tee.

How Would You Wear It?

Let me know in the comments the many ways you love to wear stripes or how you would rock this Red Valentino Striped Dress! Are you more a nautical style or do you like to play it up in a punk rock way?

Red Valentino Striped Dress How to style stripes 2017Red Valentino Striped Dress How to style stripes 2017Red Valentino Striped Dress How to style stripes 2017

Shop more of my favorite striped pieces of the season:


  1. WOW, I love this dress! You’ve managed to style it so well!
    Keep up with the good work and check out my blog if you fancy,
    xx Kris


  2. Such a beautiful and unique dress, love the colours and the flowy shape and you styled it to perfection with the accessories and the jewellery! I love the breton stripes lately although I don’t have many in my wardrobe, will consider adding more pieces as it is true that they are very flattering and instantly give that nautical/French chic vibe to any look 😉 Happy week, lovely!

    Saida | She talks Glam

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