How To Wear This Red Summer Dress Two Ways

H&M summer dress worn two ways

Along with the color yellow (see post here), red has been a big summer favorite. When I saw this red summer dress at H&M, I instantly fell in love. It reminded me of what the “it” girls wore in the 90s. I was too young to wear anything like it quite yet but always was in awe by how cool the ribbed jersey cotton dresses were. I also remember being enamored by the tiny ruffled detailings when I was a kid. So when I saw that this dress combined all my favorite essential 90s style picks, I had to get it.

Red Hot Summer Dress

Red summer dresses are fun to wear. They are bright, vibrant, and they show off your tan! What more could you ask for? This dress, in particular, the cut is very sultry. It is the perfect going out dress, but I wanted to turn it into a perfect day time look as well. I really love the length of the dress had how flattering it is. I chose to just throw a casual Tee shirt over the dress to tone down the night time glam. My Tee shirt is from Boohoo that I bought it years ago, but found similar other options that I linked below! You can use any vintage Tee or loose fitted top to recreate this look.

I then twisted the bottom hem into a knot and tucked it underneath securely. I threw on a really comfy pair of sliders from Aldo to complete this casual look. I found these sliders that look similar and are cheaper, plus have a slightly better customer review.

Red hot summer dress worn two ways H&M summer dress worn two ways H&M summer dress worn two ways

H&M summer dress worn two ways Skagen Purse H&M summer dress worn two ways

H&M summer dress worn two ways

H&M summer dress worn two waysH&M summer dress worn two ways

What do you think? Do you like the idea of taking an evening dress and turning it into a casual daytime look? Let me know in the comments! Shop this look below:


  1. Love the way you styled it with a tee over the top, perfect for summer. I constantly layer jumpers over dresses in the winter and never thought of doing this in the summer. Especially comes in handy when the neckline is lower than you are comfortable with, great trick! You look gorgeous and red really suits you xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. I love doing this to my dresses as well! Your red dress however, is so pretty! I like how you pair it with a simple white tee, looks so effortless ly pretty.

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