Red-Carpet Trends Making It to Proms In 2016


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When I went to prom, it was a very different era. Back then there weren’t any Prom guidelines or blogs for us 17-year-old girls to reference! We hadn’t mastered our hair or makeup because Youtube wasn’t around. And our only real sense of fashion was what was being displayed in the windows of Short Hills Mall.  So we all kind of winged it. I wore a simple long black satin dress with a crystal drop necklace. It was pretty boring and pretty expensive.

Luckily times has changed and in the smallest efforts to get back that rather embarrassing moment, I thought I’d help out any future prom-goers with this simple trend outline for Prom 2016.

The prom dress trends for 2016:

This year you are in luck! There seems to be a style for every kind of personality. Whether you prefer bold shapes like mermaid gowns or a simpler silhouette with ornate patterns, this season has something for everyone.

For the girly girl, lace gowns are very in trend and very cute. Always a feminine classic, lace has become very ladylike for prom 2016 with graceful silhouettes and delicate patterns.

If that’s not quite your style, you can step into a more comfortable jersey gown, perfect for laid-back girls who can’t wait to get on the dance floor. Like being the center of attention? Move away from standard styles and step out with bedazzled ensembles or something with an artistic pattern.

Additional 2016 Trends are the following:

1. Crop Tops

Crop tops have been seen all over the runway and even on the red carpet. This year’s edgy two piece ensembles will surely set you apart from the crowd.

2. Exquisite Lace

Lace is everywhere (just check out their Chicago, IL retail store info). Lace fabrics and trims are going to be in abundance this year and can go from sweet to sexy, depending on your preferences.

3. Petal Power

The boldest of floral comes on strong for spring proms this year. You’ll find them both in long and short gowns and the patterns are blooming on skirts with delicate lace tops, off the shoulder styles and ball gowns alike.

4. Look in the Stitches

This is another great way to express your Flower Child persona – with a dress embellished with clusters of embroidered flowers. Delicate embroidery is a big trend for 2016 and you’ll find some of the most romantic gowns you have ever seen.

5. Creating Illusion

Illusion is another big trend this year. Sheer mesh materials will look like a second skin. Illusion can be seen on the back and neckline to give the effect of a bare back. The dresses use strategically placed sheer panels either on the body or skirt to show off just the right amount of leg.

Whatever style you desire this year, you’re sure to find it for your prom. Top designers have been looking forward to sharing their 2016 collections with you and you can check out their entire collection at the Peaches Boutique online store.

At the online boutique, you will find a compilation of many styles perfect for the most fashionable teen. I hope this helps with your Prom dress search! Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding what style would fit you best. We can work together to find the best match.

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