Red Dress for the Summer?

Lately, I have been drawn to lots of red maxi dresses. I love the richness and depth of the color and how beautifully it flows in the wind. I have never been particularly drawn to the color before, but this season I have seen it in many designer lines. It made me question, what is the meaning behind the ultimate summer red dress?

Red has always been a popular and powerful color. Whether we are talking about the red carpet with all its glitz and glam, or discussing celebs that are photographed in their stunning floor-length red gowns, red has elicited a certain effect.

There’s no doubt that this color is bold and attracts a lot of attention but could there be more than meets the eye? Could choosing a dress this shade really make that much of a difference than choosing a pink dress? Or a blue dress? Well, let’s find out!

What effect does wearing red have?

There have been several studies carried out on why the color red is so popular.

Many women wear red in general because it stands out amongst the crowd. Think about a red convertible. It catches the eye immediately. Think of a bold red lipstick, it stands out against the rest of your makeup. Same goes with a red dress. It is attention grabbing. Bold. Especially when it is a bright red.

Take a look at the Prom Dress Shop’s fancy and chic red prom dresses for instance. Each dress is dramatic, bold and will definitely make heads turn. They can obviously be worn more than just for prom, including an everyday summer look. There is such an array of styles from various designers, you can get a good feel for one that suits you.

What other effects are there of wearing red?

Some studies even claim that wearing a red dress may make a woman feel more confident. Red also elicits luxury, power, and determination. For years, it has represented prestige, commonly worn by kings and people with high nobility. Red is a symbol for authority. Maybe you want to display your success or strong personality? A red dress is the perfect way to do so.

Take a look at the other reasons to wear red this summer:

  • The bold color will help distinguish yourself amongst the rest. Especially when you are at an event you want to be noticed.
  • It emulates a bold, powerful look. It shows confidence and determination.
  • Even in a simple red dress, it looks elegant and put together.
  • It is fun and flirty, a great way to play with your wardrobe.
  • It adds instant richness to your look.
  • It is daring and shows you are not afraid of taking risks in life.

Will you be wearing red this summer? What would you like to convey while wearing the dramatic color? Let me know in the comments below.

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