Radiant Skin? You’ve Gotta Keep It Healthy, Baby

radiant skin

Everyone wants their skin to glisten, but it’s harder to maintain especially in the winter. As the biggest organ in the body, the skin tends to suffer from breakouts, dry patches, dullness you name it. Plus, the fact that it’s massive makes it almost impossible to keep every point moist and radiant. Still, it isn’t out of the question to recreate the most beautiful and elegant glow in the world. The key is to maintain skin on a daily basis. But, with a plethora of tips on the market, which ones should we take seriously?

Answer: the following. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining your skin.

Wear Less Makeup

With YouTube gurus and Instagram stars pouring on makeup, it’s really easy to load it on as well! But here is the thing, most of these individuals don’t wear a full face of makeup in real life doing day to day activities. In fact wearing too much makeup can be harming your skin, creating cysts, rashes, irritations and breakouts. It is possible to reverse these reactions. If you are used to wearing a full face of makeup, try to get used to a bare face first so that your brain gets used to the image. Then, switch makeup accessories to ensure you are applying a lighter, thinner coat of foundation on instead. A sleek brush, for example, will only add a small layer.

Unclog The Cells

Our face is hit with elements everyday that can clog cells. Of course, there is the makeup factor, but wearing less should help. Still, there are dead skin cells and a host of other factors to consider. With that in mind, take a look at http://glendasnote.com and their microdermabrasion reviews. Microdermabrasion removes skin cells from the pores and unclogs them, but there is a range of home remedy kits on the market. Hopefully, the site will help you choose one from the crowd. Another fantastic tip is to moisturize more, but with the right products. Our bodies actually produces oil when there isn’t enough moisturizer. If you have oily skin, try lotions that are oil free. 

Suck On Ice

I know this one sounds really interesting but it does work. If you don’t believe me, check out http://www.sheknows.com because it featured in the publication. The way it works is simple: the cold from the ice chills the face. As a result, the circulation should increase as the blood vessels respond. The benefits include fuller, rosier cheeks and skin which is moist and radiant. To get the effects around the body, put iced products on the problem areas.

Daily Dose Of D

Vitamins and nutrients are essential to the skin’s health, yet our diets may not include the right ones. Vitamin D is without a doubt the most important supplement for skin that needs to consumed daily. Changing your diet is an option, as are taking supplements. However, going outside in the sun or even bathing instead of showering are thought to impact vitamin D levels. Of course, when in doubt, eat fruit and drink orange smoothies.

Healthy skin means radiant skin, and that shouldn’t be a problem with the advice above.

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