A Promise That Change Can Be Good


“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” ~Robin Sharma

For most of us, change can be scary. Shifting from one point to another is frustrating. We may try and avoid both. But in reality, there is no running from change. Trust me I have done my best.

In the realization that change and transition are a part of life, such beauty comes from it. I have had moments of change and transition and thought nothing of it. I didn’t think I had an issue with either or really thought about them until recently.

Whether it is a change in a job or a transition in a friendship and/or romantic relationship, I have experienced it all within the last year. In this change and transition, I kept feeling uneasy, even when the change was for the good. So I ask myself, why is this?

I came to the conclusion that stepping out of any type of comfort zone is scary. Change and transition, good or bad, is tough! I had many moments of breaking down crying, anxiety attacks or even going into hibernation. I know I will probably have hard moments like these in the future, but also know that dealing with change and transition will get easier. And in the end, it is freeing. Getting to that next place in life brings a new type of happiness.

So, how did I deal with change?

I try to surround myself with family and friends. Support is key in growing. I also set aside time for myself because it helps centers me. That quiet time allows me to reflect, breathe, and listen to my instincts. Within the recent years and months, two things that truly have changed my life and helped me get through change: blogging and being honest with the struggles.

Remember change and transition are scary, but they always seem to get me to the next step.  I know I will get through it just like you all will too.

Here is to the next step in the journey !

How do you all get through the change and in your life? Look forward to hearing about all of your journeys.

~Kerry of KLM Fashion Style ( www.klmfashionstyle.com)


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