All The Pretty Linens For Summer You’ll Love

linens for summer

Linens for Summer is as ground breaking as florals for Spring, but there is a real reason behind why this particular fabric works best for warmer weather. It all stems from the makeup and weave of the fibers. You may or may not know that linen is made from the flax plants. Yes, the same plant that gives hipster açai bowls and smoothies a kick of fiber.

Because of their genetic makeup, linen fabrics are highly breathable, absorbs moisture quicker, wicks sweat away from the body faster, and is stronger than cotton. Meaning you will feel cooler, more comfortable, and the clothes will last longer. All great qualities for Summer clothes.

Up to now, most linen pieces weren’t very flattering. The fabric is often associated with frumpy silhouettes that grandparents would love. However, we are seeing a turn in the market to produce linen clothing that are trendy and young. Thank goodness, because to wear something beautiful and breathable for the summer is a dream.

Shop Linens For Summer:

Here are our top picks of incredible linen pieces that would look perfect for summer. Some are a mixed blend, but most are 100% linen. Simply click what you like to shop. Check out all the Summer Trends here.

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