The Perfect Tech Gifts To Give This Holiday

Best Holiday Tech Gifts

Cyber Monday often brings the best prices on technology. I wanted to share a few favorite tech gadgets that I love as well as other ideas for those who want to live in the future. Take a peek at how to modernize your daily living and share the fun this holiday season with the technology enthusiasts in your life. Believe me, these tech gifts will make even the less savvy ecstatic!

The first place to shop is Google. They are having some insane deals on their Google Homes and Pixels. I am gifting this white Pixel 2 to someone very special this year. If you know someone who needs unlimited storage, a quick charge time, or is constantly taking photos- I highly recommend the Pixel 2. If you know someone who loves listening to music, NPR, or nonstop asking questions- totally gift them the Google home. They are for today only $79 instead of $129.

Another favorite are these Bose noise canceling headphones and Tile finder where you can place on any object so you will never lose your keys, phone, wallet! I found some new interesting devices such as an eye massage and phone printer. I also really love this marble keyboard.

If you know someone who loves gardening or is looking to grow some fresh herbs, check out this cool new device! Maybe your loved one is into creating videos? Here is a new way to create Virtual Reality clips. Are they super Apple Fans? Then they would love this old-school Apple computer that works as a Apple watch stand. It’s kinda too cute to pass up, and it’s only $20. The perfect stocking stuffer.

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