3 Tips For Giving The Perfect Holiday Host Gift

You have the invite, now it is time for the perfect holiday host gift. It is commonly suggested to never go to a party empty handed. Even if it is a small token of appreciation, the host will notice your efforts. Host gifts are a great way to say thank you for providing a wonderful dinner, evening, or planning a gift gathering for you and friends. There is no need to splurge on the gift either, a bottle of wine, sparkling cider, or your favorite butter cookies will do the trick!

Here are three tips for picking the perfect host gift:

Be Mindful

What does the host typically bring when they attend a party? Flowers, wine, a small gift? Mimic their gift-giving patterns! People often give what they want to receive. It is the sure fire way to give the perfect holiday gift for the host.

Food and Drinks

When in doubt, go the safest route! Food and drinks are always necessary for a party or dinner. Dessert is the easiest to gift, and I personally love giving Neiman Marcus assorted goodies. The packaging is so beautiful, it makes the pickiest host smile!

Home Goods

If you are close to the host, try gifting little home goods such as candles or serving trays.  It is a personal touch for a personal setting.

Need more inspiration? Here are some ideas of what to give. Simply click the image to shop, or check out my previous article on Small Gifts.


  1. I agree, cutting boards and items like these including the beautiful platter are great host gifts. I know I’d love them! I received a nice shaker set from a friend for a recent dinner party that I threw. /Madison c

  2. Very cute items you picket out 🙂 I love giving gift cards, that I made. Like dinner on me, or movie on me, that way I find whoever I give the cards to, and myself can enjoy time together.
    Other than that.. I totally agree on food being a great gift 🙂
    I love giving some candy with my gifts for that extra little something


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