This Is Why I keep Moving

why i keep moving

“Too often, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same thing the same way over and over every day. But if we are going to live at our absolute best, we should constantly be growing and sharpening our skills. We should strive to learn and grow every single day because when you stop learning, you stop growing. When you stop growing, you stop living.

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Festival Approved Styles: What’s Trending For 2018

Festival Approved Styles

Like with much of the fashion trends emerging this year, 70s vibes are big! Music Festivals are the perfect places to wear these chic, inspired disco trends. Think flared pants, kimonos, Birkenstock sandals, and of course printed baby doll dresses. If you have any vintage 70s pieces, pull those out for the occasion. Vintage tees, ruffles, and straw totes are still big this season as well, so don’t be afraid to weave those into your look. Keep on reading to find out how to style and where to buy the perfect festival approved outfit for 2018.

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My Favorite Places In New York City

My Favorite Places In New York City

I am visiting all my favorite places and groging on delicious foods as if I am never going to see these places again! I will literally be back in New York City in three months to get the rest of my stuff out of storage, I am slightly overreacting. In case you have no idea what I am talking about, read here.

I thought, I might as well make a list of my favorite places to eat, drink, and visit in New York City in case you are looking for new recommendations or visiting soon. I broke it up into Astoria (home), Williamsburg (home away from home), and Manhattan ( well duh!).  I hope you enjoy, and add your recommendations in the comments below!


Parisi Bakery– The most delicious sugar cookies you’ll ever have.

Brooklyn Bagel– Also the most delicious bagels and cream cheese you’ll ever have. I always order the whole wheat everything bagel with tofu veggie.

Omonia– Greek Diner that serves up everything you’d want. I would often go here to work for hours and ordered a Greek salad. Also, cheesecakes and frappes are bomb. They made the cake for the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

Tamashii Ramen– Such a great ramen spot that you can go on your own or with friends. I always see people there reading a book and eating ramen, no shame on going alone.

Mom's Bar. My favorite places in new york city
Mom’s Bar, Astoria favorite place for brunch

Mom’s Kitchen & Bar – You will not be disappointed by the brunch specials here. The food is glorious in size and flavor. The handcrafted cocktails are just as delicious.

Monika’s CafeBarWhere the locals go and hang. It is busy at any time of the week, especially during the warmer nights. It sits across from Kaufman theater and has a very European vibe. The feta cheese fries are my go to.

Sek’end Sun– The place to impress your date with the most refined cocktails. You seriously only need one and your good for the night. Go during happy hour for a real treat.

Socrates Park– See some unusual sculpture all year round in this small but cute park. Weekends during the Spring, Summer and Fall months there are many cool free activities (like yoga and movie screenings).

Astoria Park My Favorite Places in New York City
Astoria Park

Astoria Park– This public park has the largest pool in New York City! It also has a track, basketball courts, tennis courts, skate park, and tons of places to just sit and lounge. Summer movies play here and they even have their own 4th of July fireworks.


William Vale– Super luxurious place in Brooklyn with amazing views of the city. Perfect for drinks, but they also have food.

Kinfolk– Both sides are awesome to go dancing. Just go early so you don’t have to pay a cover.

Spritzenhaus 33– The only beer house I’ll go to. The beer selection is insane, jenga on deck, and they have vegetarian/vegan food!

Dziupla– If you are looking for great polish food, go here! Big portions, delicious food, and plenty of options for vegetarians.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria– Everyone has their own opinions on best pizza in Williamsburg, Vinnie’s is my personal favorite. It is just so darn good on it’s own. No need to add a bunch of toppings, but they have several flavors if you are adventurous.

Nighthawk Cinema– Probs the coolest movie theater I’ve ever been to with a full bar and restaurant attached.


Brookfield Place– Palm trees, yes please! They also host several screenings and events open to the public (for free). With Sprinkles, Chop’t, and Shake Shack nearby- you’ll never be hungry.

West Side Highway– Walking the west side highway from Brookfield is a great way to burn off all the delicious food you just consumed while also being by the water front.

My Favorite Places In New York City
Brandy Library

The Brandy Library– If you have sophisticated taste buds, check this place out. Scotch and Whiskey on the rocks for everyone.

Public Hotel Rooftop– Views upon views upon views. Grab a glass of rose and enjoy.

Shopping In Soho– because obvi. Zara, Bloomingdales, Uniqlo, Nike, just a few of my favorites.

Little Cupcake Bakeshop– my favorite cupcakes in the city. Located in Nolita. It is super cute and eco-friendly. They even have vegan treats!

Sant Ambrose Soho– Their salads are bomb, and you feel like a cool kid eating there.

The Cowgirl– Voted for the best nachos in NYC, need I say more?

My favorite places in New York City
Chelsea Market

The High Line– Take a walk from 14th street all the way up to 34th street on this above ground park. There are installations, spectacular city views, food vendors, and places to lounge along the way. It’s a great walk during the warmer months.

Chelsea Market– Roam through the market just to see all the amazing local vendors and restaurants. This is a great place to eat, drink, or pick up a few souvenirs.

The Bowery Hotel– Take a moment to sit and relax in this legendary hotel lobby. You can have a drink and watch as some of your favorite celebrities come walking in.

My Favorite Places In New York City. Union Square Greenmarket.
Union Square Greenmarket.

Union Square Greenmarket– This cute and delicious event happens Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Support local harvests and enjoy scrumptious bites that are actually pretty affordable!

Black Barn– This restaurant has the best food and best brunch! They even have a live jazz band on the weekends for brunch. Make sure you have a reservation, because it gets busy!

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral– It is stunning inside and was just newly renovated. Anyone can enter, no matter your religion.

Bar SixtyFive– Forget about paying to go to the top of the Rock. Instead got to bar SixtyFive at Rockefeller. Completely free to check out the views on the 65 floor. You can even order a glass of wine and still be cheaper than paying to see the top of the Rock.

Central Park– Stroll through the most incredible 800 acre park! I love the east side of the park as it leads right up to the Met Museum.

The Met Museum– One of my favorite museums in New York City. During the Summer, they have a rooftop that overlooks central park. They also have extended summer weekend hours and a live band that plays around 5pm. Check out the costume exhibit while you are there!

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My Last Two Months

travel solo traveling around the world

I have been living in New York City for nearly 11 years now, and I think I finally understand the meaning of the phrase, In a New York Minute….”

My last two months have been a whirlwind. Between packing up my entire beloved apartment, to finishing work assignments, my brain sometimes has a hard time comprehending what’s happening. For instance, I’ll be halfway through an email when I start  thinking “Did I pack the coffee machine?”. Disoriented is a real thing!

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I Am Taking A Break…

I am taking a break, New York City Central Park

Oh my gosh, the snow is coming down today in New York City. It is insanely beautiful if you can stay in doors and not travel in the blizzard. I am right now as we speak sitting at my empty, bare desk as I finish packing up my beautiful apartment.

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These Are The Most Glam Cards To Send

Basic Invite Paper Glam Custom Cards

Snail mail is completely underrated. I love receiving a beautiful handwritten letter in the mail. The intricate design, the cute note, the pretty paper… It makes my heart so happy. When I am sending a gift, or a thank you card, I thoroughly enjoy shifting through the handmade letter options picking out the right card for that person in mind. It’s that last personal touch that completes the gift or shares the sentiment.

So when I heard about Basic Invite and the plethora of custom-made cards they carried, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. From thank you notes to special announcements ( ehm like personalized graduation announcements that is right around the corner), Basic Invite offers a card for every celebration. And they are so glamorous, take a look!

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The Ultimate New York Wedding With Public Hotel

If you are engaged, stop everything you are doing. I found the perfect solution for your ultimate New York wedding that will eliminate stress, provide zero traveling between ceremony and reception, leave guests feeling luxurious and comfortable, all the while looking beyond chic. Are you ready for your dream wedding solution? Take a loot at this:

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