Tough Stuff & Chocolate Whip Review

I was so impressed with Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan mousse that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try two other products of theirs. I became wildly interested in the Tough Stuff scrub because I am obsessed with a good scrub. The second product I was curious to test was their Chocolate Whip, because chocolate.

A week later, I received my beautifully wrapped products and began to indulge! First off, hands down love the Tough Stuff scrub. I opened the bottle and the formula is actually pink! What is this amazingness? Where have you been all my life, waiting to brighten up my shower time? I placed a small amount of the pink scrub in my palm and began scrubbing away. Oh it felt so good. Not too rough but definitely got the dead skin off. I was in heaven! My hand felt a little tingly from the abrasion, but my skin felt incredible. I think it is pieces of walnut shell that is used to create the scrub texture. I could be massively wrong about that fact though, but walnut shell is part of the ingredients. The directions stated not to use it on your face, so I didn’t. A proud moment, I actually followed suggested directions.

I can see myself using the scrub at least 3 times a week. Like I stated, it isn’t too abrasive on my skin but wouldn’t recommend it for a daily wash. It is nice to give your skin a chance to breathe and recoup. It is the perfect way to prep for a self-tan as well!

The second product, the Chocolate Whip, I was as excited about as well. I mean how can you not love a product with the word chocolate in it? The formula states it is a great way to hydrate your skin while keeping your tan even. That is completely true. It made my skin feel silky soft, and it is tinted to help with the tan. If you are looking for a product that simply did that, I would totally recommend Chocolate Whip.

The only concern I had was regarding the consistency. When I first place it on my skin it is more watery than expected. When I began rubbing it in, it was slightly sudsy. There were moments I had to make sure I didn’t have to rinse it off later. It takes a few moments for the formula to absorb into your skin as well. Meaning more rubbing than usual. As long as you are aware of these points, and primarily using it as a way to keep your tan longer while staying hydrated it is a great product.

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff ReviewCocoa Brown Tough stuff and chocolate whip reviewCocoa Brown Tough stuff and chocolate whip reviewCocoa Brown Tough stuff and chocolate whip review

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25 Snow Day Activities

If you are completely unaware, there’s a massive blizzard in the North East. I particularly love the excuse to stay in my pajamas all day. But for those who are already going stir crazy, I’ve come up with 25 fun snow day activities that will make this day even better. None of which involves plowing snow or doing taxes. Nope, these are pure fun snow day ideas which will leave you wishing every day was this peaceful. Enjoy!

  1. Bake! Whip out the mixer and measuring cups, and start baking something delicious. My favorite vegan chocolate almond cookies recipe might be the perfect treat on a snow day.
  2. Workout. Can’t make it to the gym? Try a workout video on youtube! I love sweating it out to a variety of Tone It Up videos. You’ll feel the burn.
  3. Online shopping. I mean, what better way to spend the day than looking through new clothes and fashion ideas! A few of my favorites that I think you’ll love too are SheIn (uber affordable), Nasty Gal, and Shopbop.
  4. Draw. Remember the days of coloring? Why not bring that back. Grab a few sheets of paper, some crayons or markers and get creative. It is a fun way to let go and enjoy the little things in life again.
  5. Know your neighbors. If you are really bored, see what your neighbors are up to. It might end up being a mini party filled with fun memories.
  6. Snow Angels. Grab your snow boots and jacket to head out for a few minutes. Obviously, stay safe and away from the roads. But go explore and embrace the snow. Afterward, take a hot shower to warm up again.
  7. Read a book. Crack open a new book or one of your favorite books. No books to read? Order a book via Amazon and read it on any of your electronic devices through the kindle app.
  8. Netflix and Chill. There is always Netflix and binge watching episodes. Want a way to escape? Try Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknow.
  9. Catch up on your favorite Youtubers. On par with Netflix, see what your favorite YouTubers have been up to. Here are my favorite suggestions for Fashion, Entertainment, and Vlogs.
  10. Return calls to friends and family members. With nothing else to do, it is a perfect time to catch up with friends and family. It makes the time fly as well.
  11. Yoga. This is a great way to move your body but still stay relaxed. Here is my favorite simple yoga that immediately puts me into a deep sleep.
  12. Spa day. Turn your home into an epic spa day. Do you nails, put on your favorite face creams, or even do a detox mask. Make it luxurious by wearing a robe and slippers.
  13. Read up on your favorite blogs. Take style notes from Happily Grey, or vacation tips from Sincerely Jules.
  14. Dance party. Brighten the day up by putting on your favorite dance tunes and start dancing. Especially if you are alone, it is the most fun you’ll have on a day in doors.
  15. Take a nap. Why not? When is the last time you were able to take a nap in the middle of the day?
  16. Try out new hair or makeup ideas. Play around with your makeup collection and hot tools. You might discover a new way to wearing your hair or your new favorite everyday look.
  17. Make a mood board. Need a reboot on all those new years resolutions? Try making a mood board or vision board to stay on track. Print out pictures and paste them together into one board that you’ll see daily.
  18. Journal. Take a moment to write out what you’ve been feeling lately. It could spark ideas or concepts on how to move to the next level in your life.
  19. Meditate. On this theme of self-care, light a few candles or spray lavender oil and meditate. Take a few breaths and let the silent snow day sink in. Days like these are great for meditation and a restart.
  20. Crockpot cooking. While you’re busy doing all the other fun activities of the day, get the crockpot out and cook on of the thousand recipes you pinned on Pinterest! The whole house will smell so yummy all day long too.
  21. DIY project. This is a great time to finish that project you have been working on for a year now. It will feel amazing to complete your DIY project and start enjoying the benefits.
  22. Play a board game. Pull out the Game Of Life, or Taboo and have fun!
  23. Puzzle time. No board games at hand? Do a puzzle instead.
  24. Bubble bath. Fill up your tub and throw in a bath bomb. Play some music if you want to really make it relaxing.
  25. Of course, there is always hot cocoa and tv. When in doubt, the classic way to enjoy a snow day never fails.

I hope you enjoy this relaxing day! Let me know what you do on a snow day in the comments below.

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Pretty Pleats!

Oh Tory Burch, you did it again. You made a skirt I’ll actually wear. My black skinny jeans simply didn’t have a chance against these pleats. Of course I have to wear stockings because the amount of times I run into inanimate objects is slightly terrifying. But back to the skirt, pretty pleats!

I am a sucker for pleats, mainly for the way they move easily when I walk. I don’t feel constricted, nor is it too fussy. It is just right. The pattern in this particular skirt brings enough character that I really didn’t need to add much else! I just threw on my favorite navy blue top (similar for $7 here) from LOFT. They have the best closet staples if you are in a crunch!  My black stacked booties were the perfect touch, and ta-da, look completed!

Searching for a similar skirt, check out these two Tory Burch pleated skirts on sale here and here. If you want a similar pattern check here!

Tory Burch Pleats. Pleated Skirt. Winter look pleated skirt by Tory burch. NYC style look book IMG_7672IMG_7680


Thank you for stopping by, let me know how you feel about pleats in the comments below! If there is something you need help styling, tell me that as well! I might feature it in the next style studio segment. See you next time!

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A new Favorite Designer: Self-Portrait

Designer alert! Self-Portrait is a name you need to memorize fast. The brand is surpassing in design and will ultimately becoming a staple in many bloggers closets. I’ve already caught Happily Grey rocking a Self-Portrait frock.

The brand first caught my eye while walking through Bergdorf Goodman’s. I immediately fell in love with three of Han Chong’s immaculately designed dresses. There is something very unique about pairing lace with perfectly placed cutouts. It is incredibly feminine yet urban. The colors used are impeccable and the type of lace brings a 70’s vibe (a total weakness for me).

The brand is being carried at a plethora of stores such as Asos, Shopbop, and Net-A-Porter, making it nearly impossible to miss. Which is perfect because this is  a brand worth watching and has proven so since 2013.

I cannot wait to see what else the London brand will bring to the table in the upcoming seasons. For now, I will lust over all of these looks, desperately deciding which one to buy first.

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The Mock Turtleneck & Bucket Bag

It finally snowed! I was starting to think it wouldn’t happen this year, but Sunday’s flurries ended up blanketing the town with a pretty white coating.

mock turtleneck, vegan leather bucket bag, black comfy bootiesmock turtleneck, vegan leather bucket bag, black comfy booties, zara mock turtleneck, vegan leather bucket bag, black comfy booties mock turtleneck, vegan leather bucket bag, black comfy booties mock turtleneck, vegan leather bucket bag, black comfy booties, new york city, snowcoach coat, mock turtleneck, vegan leather bucket bag, black comfy booties

(Don’t worry I had a coat! This one is from Coach)

Today I wanted to share my favorite casual look for the season, featuring none other than the mock turtle neck. The turtle neck is having quite a moment right now in fashion. Have you noticed it popping up everywhere? I am seeing it from sweaters to sleeveless tops, and sweater dresses. If you aren’t willing to fully commit to the high neckline, the mock turtleneck is a great solution.

Cutting a little lower that a full turtleneck, it gives the appearance of wearing one without feeling too constricted. The one I am wearing is from Zara, similar look here. Being a bit looser, it is super comfy and warm. I the love slits in the sides to make it easier to move while adding a different dimension.

The second piece I am obsessed with is my new bucket bag by Deux Lux. Originally retailing for over $100, I snagged it for less than $20 at Century 21’s massive sale going on right now. It is faux leather, which I constantly checked before buying because it is super soft! The fabric feels like butter, I kid you not. It is a fairly decent size for a bucket bag, which only means I can pack more than I ever need.

My boots are from 14th & Union similar here. They are unbelievably comfortable. I can walk around in them with such easy, even in the snow. I love that they give me added height for my simple and casual look.

What is your go-to look this season? Let me know if the comments below!

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9 Vegan Handbags To Die For

At this point, it comes at no surprise to announce I have a handbag addiction. Similar to potato chips, it is the one piece in my wardrobe that I simply cannot have enough of. Some people are more shoe fanatics, but I long for the beautifully sculpted, typically designer, uberly beautiful handbag. Why? Becuase it is easiest to try on, and adds a plethora of personality without batting an eyelash.

When I went Vegan, I wanted to research what type of purse I can invest in. Low and behold, I found a vault of amazing designers that specialize in animal-friendly handbags. And I guarantee they are prettier than the handbag you are wearing now. Take a look at these Vegan Handbags!

Vegan Leather Handbags



Click on the number associated with the bag to find out more info such as where to buy, brand, and cost!

(Photo via Canva Designs)

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Chill The Bleep Out, Man

You might be like me, where from time to time, you have to sit down and give yourself a pep talk. And on occasionally those pep talks consists of the brutal awaken that it isn’t all that serious and “chill the f*** out”.

That’s where I am today. Or rather Friday. And if we are being really honest, all of last week. I easily get into the mindset of a perfectionist. Everything must be perfect, I must be perfect. What others think of me must be perfect. You see where I am going. A complete and utter mind game. A reality that will never be attainable. My blog will never be perfect, relationships will be messy, someone will not like me for whatever reason. That is life. A big glob of uncomfortable, imperfect situations that I get to deal with.

Why do I get to deal with them? Because I am living life. Sure I can lock myself in a room, never interact with anyone, never move, do what I know. People won’t hate me because they won’t know me. I’ll be good at my job because that’s the only thing I’ve ever experienced. And I’ll never have to be uncomfortable because I am not forced into new situations. To me, that sounds horrible.

So for the things I obsessively stress about; the best blog post, the perfect outfit from Nasty Gal for an”important” event, the preferred work setting, the a pristine public appearance, all I have to say to myself is “Chill the f*** out, man”. It’s not that serious.

Have you ever felt this way before? Let me know in the comments below, and how you chill out when the perfectionism kicks in.

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Winter Skin Care Routine

Winter weather is brutal on skin. Chapped lips, chapped cheeks, rough hands and dry elbows. Hair completely in knots because of the wind. What doesn’t go unscathed? I have tried plenty of remedies along the way to eliminate the painful dryness of the winter air. Vitamin E oil, Petroleum jelly, expensive moisturizers, drug store creams, celebrity endorse serums. The result? Certain creams worked but were too heavy and left me broken out. Some serums were not nourishing enough and I had flaky skin within minutes. I was about to give up and surrender to the winter. My lips still chapped, my skin still ached, and my hair was still knotted.  Until I tried these products together. I think I hit the jackpot friends!

The result? Certain creams worked but were too heavy and left me broken out. Some serums were not nourishing enough and I had flaky skin within minutes. I was about to give up and surrender to the winter woes as my lips were still chapped, my skin still ached, and my hair was still knotted.  Until I tried these products together. I think I hit the jackpot friends!

It is simple, affordable, and best part it works.


Winter Skin Tricks, Maracuja oil. palmer cocoa butterTarte Maracuja oil and eye cream review, winter skin tricksEye cream that works, Tarte Maracuja C brighter cream Tarte Maracuja oil, how to hydrate skin during dry months

To start, I use all three products right after a nice hot shower. I pat my skin dry and use good old Palmer’s Cocoa Butter from my toes up to my shoulders. The thickness locks in moisturizer and hydrates my skin nicely. It feels rewarding. Secondly, I take a few droplets of the Tarte Maracuja Oil and place it on my entire face. Why I love Maracuja oil: It instantly hydrates, contains anti-aging properties, and infuses skin with vitamin C.

This particular product comes in a roller or a bottle. I have both and find the bottle  easier and quicker to apply while. Lastly, I place the Tarte Maracuja C brighter eye treatment, which is a little thicker than the oil, under and around my eyes. That’s it! So simple and easy, and your body will love you for it.

In the mornings my face and body are so soft and ready for the day. My makeup goes on smoother, and I don’t have to worry about dry, flaky skin. Of course if I do feel a little off, I reapply the same products. All the products are paraben free, which makes the process that much sweeter.

What do you use to stay hydrated during the winter? Let me know in the comments below!

PS. For softer hair the next day, brush your hair at night. It makes a huge difference!

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Long Weekend Sales

There’s nothing better than a long weekend filled with R&R plus a bunch of sales to flip through. Get cozy with your favorite sweater and cup of coffee because here are my favorite sales happening this weekend only! If you love free shipping and find it the best reason to stay in bed all weekend, be on the lookout for the brands who are seriously spoiling us. Happy hunting my friends!

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