GiGi New York Pop Up Shop And Fall Preview

Earlier this month, in the midst of Fashion Week, I stopped by the GiGi New York Pop Up Shop in the Meatpacking district. There they had a beautiful setup of their latest line of Fall handbags as well as a few special pieces that will be releasing in November. Three of my favorite pieces were the Jennie Saddle Bag, Metallic Clutch, and Olive Piper Suede Pouch.

Why I like GiGi New York handbags is because the material is of a high quality while price point is relatively affordable. The designs are sleek and easy to match with any wardrobe while maintaining a shaping and size that is practical. All around these babies can last a long time and fit an ever changing wardrobe.

With the GiGi photographer Steve, we did a quick impromptu photo shoot with my favorites around the meatpacking district.

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Backstage at Michael Costello During NYFW

During New York Fashion Week, there were a few shows that I was particularly excited for. The Michael Costello Runway Show was on the top of the list! I nearly cried when I got the invite to see him at Moynihan Station on Thursday, September 8th.

As a self-taught designer, he went on to become a finalist in two separate seasons of Project Runway. I have watched him dress A-list celebrities such as Beyoncé and the Kardashians. His clothes are meant to make women feel beautiful, which you can clearly see below.

At the show, I sat directly behind a few cast members of the popular E! reality show WAGS. A number of other reality stars were in the crowd such as Summer Rae, Paris Hilton, and Dorothy Wang from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

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Denim Fashion

Fashion has been giving us a lot of throwback styles lately. We saw a surge in ‘70s style last year with the billowy silhouettes and vintage fabrics that are still holding strong on the trends map. The ‘70s weren’t the only decade to make a big fashion comeback. Enter the ‘90s, which brought us droves of flannel, chokers galore, and a modern look at denim on denim–something we never thought could be revived from the archives, but now ever top model is sporting!

Which brings me to today’s post: a feature on denim fashion that’s no longer an option for fashion enthusiasts, but a must. Denim has overtaken our wardrobes and made us fall in love all over again. Not only are we wearing denim jeans, but we’re wearing denim tops, dresses, and even headwear. There is no denying the denim trend, and below I’ll go over some of the best ways to wear denim this season. You’ll want to take notes.

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Jewel’s powerful story and inspirational words

Yesterday I recently visited the set of AOL Build, where the mega online hub hosts daily interviews with big named celebrities. I sat in on an interview with folk-country singer Jewel. If you grew up in the ’90s like I did, you’d remember jammin’ to her songs on the radio along with Savage Garden.

What I did not remember was how much Jewel had overcome at such a young age. She grew up in an abusive household, ran away at 15, became homeless at 16 and started stealing to make it through. She then started singing and songwriting which led her to become an American sensation.

But how did Jewel turn her life around?

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Misha Collection SS’17 NYFW

The Misha Collection runway show was held at Skylight Clarkson on September 9th. I knew very little about the Australian designer, but the moment I began reading about the young entrepreneur I gravitated towards her clothes. Starting at the age of 19 selling clothes on eBay to forming Misha in her family’s garage,  I was eager to see what Michelle- the founder- drew up for the Spring Summer line.

The show opened in a beautiful sequence of leopard print numbers then shifted to light metallics and structured white dresses. The collection on a whole was a very sultry mix of dresses, jumpsuits, and bodysuits. I love how detailed each piece was and filled to the brim with texture. I also appreciated the immaculately cut and tailoring of each look to fit a woman’s body.

Jourdan Dunn was the distinct model in this show and wore the closing look- a gold lamé dress. You can see her in the first and last photos! Michelle is featured in the last photo as well.

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Noon by Noor SS ’17 at NYFW

On September 8th, Noon by Noor held their Spring Summer 2017 runway collection at Skylight Clarkson during New York Fashion Week. Alexa Chung, Happily Grey, and a few other big league bloggers rolled out to attend the early morning show.

Since it was the first official day of NYFW, the staff was still getting a hang of seating, which inevitably lead me to wait patiently on the sideline. I didn’t mind though because I got to meet two awesome ladies, one happened to be UK Vlogger Fleur de Force. We chatted about the start of Fashion week and what shows we were covering. Fleur was flown out by MAC cosmetics and Morocco oil for events. We exchanged funny stories before grabbing a few front row seats.

When the runway show began, I quickly saw why the venue was packed. The clothes were beautiful and flowed effortlessly around the model’s quick strides. The light, neutral fabrics slightly graze the models form. I love the minimal details in each look, just a hint of embellishment. Very soft and feminine. From the collection alone, I am pretty certain this upcoming Spring I will be rocking a train of some sort.

Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway show Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway show Rock Paper Glam Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway show Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway show Rock Paper Glam Spring Summer 2017 NYFW looks Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway showimg_6007 img_6056img_6036 img_6028 Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway show Noon by Noor SS17 NYFW runway show

What piece do you love most? Let me know in the comments below.

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New York Fashion Week Must Haves

New York Fashion Week is here! Time to break out those heels, designer purses and cameras for an amazing week full of fashion. If you happen to see me during fashion week, I carry around a big purse. I have learned during  previous fashion weeks it is necessary to bring plenty of supplies. Because in the end, feet will hurt and nail polish will chip, and there won’t be much time to rest. These tiny accessories that you can throw into your bag will save you in the end!

New York Fashion Week Must Haves:

  1. Compeed! My best friend when it comes to heel protection. It lasts all day no and prevents blisters from wearing high heals.
  2. Bandaids. just in case you forgot Compeed, take a few bandaids for any other trouble areas shoes may cause.
  3. Nail polish remover wipes. The thing that bugs me more than no nail polish is chipped nail polish. I love these individual wipes that really do the trick.
  4. Bobby pins. It is amazing how you can easily transform your hair with a quick pin or two. Also helps keep flyaway strands in place.
  5. The number for closest beauty bar. There are plenty of stations and lounges around the city that will do touch up and hairdo for free. TRESemmé is one that will help a girl out with a quick hairdo. Just book an appointment before heading in.
  6. Chargers. Plenty of chargers for your phone and camera. Especially when you know it will be a long day.
  7. Change of shoes. Nothing feels better than when the last event ends and you can change into comfy shoes.
  8. Cards. Don’t forget to bring business cards for all the people you’ll meet.

At the TRESemmé Salon in Skylight Moynihan Station. With Stylist Nikki Fontaine

Enjoy Fashion week ladies!

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I grew up in the ’90s, child

There is a sense of nostalgia seeing black chokers, denim jackets with patches, and multicolored everything becoming popular again. The ’90s have been back for the past few years. I love it. It is everything I wanted to wear as a kid, saw the popular older girls wear, but never could throw myself into the trend because I was too young. Except for platform shoes, I had platform shoes and wore them with delight.

Watching  what I grew up on become the biggest sensation in fashion has me giddy inside. I proudly picked up two pairs of platform shoes; one pair of sneakers and one pair of sandals seen in these photos. I pulled out my light denim jacket, picked up a slew of chokers, and a few layered tank tops. I looked at my collection of ’90s garb, everything I wanted to wear but couldn’t back in the day. Who says you can’t have a second chance in life?

90's Child Fashion Trend, platform shoes 90's Child Fashion Trend 90's Child Fashion Trend 90's Child Fashion Trend IMG_5157

This next week and a half, I am fortunate enough to attend New York Fashion Week! It will be a fun,dream-likee, world wind journey. I am going to do my best to post the runway shows and presentations as quickly as I can. But for the most up to date NYFW coverage, feel free to follow along according to what you’re most interested in:

Snapchat: username- rockpaperglam: streaming live coverage of events and shows that will not be posted anywhere else

Instagram: @elleselauner– all the behind the scenes, show decor, prepping, in between shows, events coverage and interacting with special guests. AND @rockpaperglam– all editorial fashion, street fashion, what I am wearing

Facebook Page– the most current articles from Rock Paper Glam and any outtakes from the week

Shop the look here:

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Girl Boss on the Move

I am the first to admit, I have a hard time staying still. Blame it on all the moves I’ve endured growing up (well over 20 different places), or the fact that I come from a line of entrepreneurs, seeking out the next great adventure comes naturally.

I think traveling, exploring, and experiencing new aspects of life is important for a Girl Boss. As an entrepreneur, it opens my eyes to see what people need. As a creative individual, the different colors, textures, and sounds fuels my imagination. As a human being, it nourishes my soul.

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