Half Way Point, Time To Reflect

time to reflect

Thank you Not Jess Fashion for this awesome post about reflecting and the blog tips you enclosed. After reading, I realized holy cow, we are at the half way point. 6 months have past since January 1st when all those feelings of a fresh start and anything is possible was overwhelming. But guess what, anything is still possible! This is a good time to sit down and take inventory of what is happening, what has happened, and where you want to go. Here is how!

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Where to Grab The Best Donuts for National Donut Day

national donut day

Today marks National Donut Day, so why not make a round up of the best gooey donut places to visit and celebrate! There is something wonderful as a crisp delicious outside yet warm and soft baked inside. It goes hand in hand with a rich, strong coffee. Let me know in the comments what you’ll indulge in for the day.

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Summer Trend Selections Just In Time For Memorial Day

summer trend selections 2018 memorial day

Just like that, summer is nearly upon us. I, for one, am very excited for the warm weather and summer festivities. I feel like I have been celebrating a bit early over here in Ibiza. If you haven’t already, check out all my travels on Instagram!

To me summer is a chance to wear super fun and cute looks that don’t require layering jackets over. From different parts of the world, I have combed through and refined new trends that will be emerging this season. One in particular is the summer dress paired with low-top, tennis shoes. It is equal part feminine and functional. I also love the idea of a summer bootie with a summer dress. Something a bit less expected thrown into a look.

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The Sports Brand I’m Dying To Bring To The US

sports brand

Champion, Adidas, Nike, even Fila are sports brands that are having a moment in fashion right now. I am a big time athleisure fan and have been waiting for the day that sweats in public are acceptable. The one sports brand that is primarily in Europe that I am dying to bring to the US has a very special place in my heart. It is called Ellesse, and it is where my mom got the spelling of my name. But that’s not the only reason why I want to bring this Italian brand to America.

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How I Afford To Travel For Three Months

How I afford to travel for three months

The biggest question I receive is how do you afford to travel, and especially for three months? In this article, I will share all my tips and tricks on getting the best deals, ways to save, where to splurge, and how to organize it all. If you are looking to travel the world, and not willing to spend your life savings, keep reading on how I afford to travel for three months! These tips can be applied by anyone (no comp rooms for reviews here!).

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The Lulu DK and We Wore What Collection Is Now Here!

We Wore What Collection

Bloggers have been killing the game in regards to collaborations with big brands. If you missed it, Something Navy just signed a mega deal with Nordstrom. But today we are discussing We Wore What Collection with Lulu DK. We Wore What has been doing collaborations here and there, but this one is particularly exciting. The mega blogger launch a collection of beautiful gold jewelry with Lulu DK. On Instagram, Danielle mentioned in an emotional post that the pendants were inspired by the pendant she wears to remember her late grandfather who past away last year. Through the entire line, you can see reminders of love, inspiration, and charm that you can wear through the day.

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The Art of Balancing Work and Study

Balancing work and school

Now a days, more and more people are trying to juggle multiple commitments and fit them all into their hectic schedules. Two of the most common to try to squeeze in are working and studying.

With so many courses available online these days, from simple courses to specialized ones like an online Master of Science in Nursing Leadership & Innovation program it has become much more of a viable option to learn and earn at the same time. However, you need to be well-organised to make sure that you give both priorities the time and commitment that they deserve. So, here are a few ways to provide the sense of balance that you are looking for.

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Why You Need To View Your Vacation Time Differently This Year

Vacation Time

When it comes to heading out on your next vacation, you’ll often find that you follow a bit of a pattern. It may not even be something that you’re aware of. When you think about researching your next trip, you may look for the same kinds of hotels, similar areas, and even travel in the same country. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you may find that your travel experiences are limited. There’s a big world out there, and by sticking to your same patterns, you may find that you’re missing out on seeing different cultures, meeting new people, and just enjoying what the world has to offer. So why not make a change this year?

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