Throwing A Secret Bachelorette Party? Read this!

secret bachelorette party

Throwing a surprise party is difficult no matter what occasion. However, when it comes to a surprise bachelorette party, you have a tough task on your hands. It is one of those pivotal moments that your best friends will remember for the rest of their lives. To ensure it is something to look back on for all of the right reasons (rather than the wrong ones) it’s essential to prep and plan well before the actual date. This blog post will provide you with all of the tips you need to ensure your best friend’s secret bachelorette party is a resounding success. So, let’s take a look…

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Design an Island Style Bedroom for a Relaxing Sanctuary

Design an Island Style Bedroom for a Relaxing Sanctuary

Spending time relaxing on a Caribbean island, or any island, is often a chance to get away from it all. Unfortunately, it’s not something we can do all the time – not unless we’re willing to relocate. If you never want to let go of that feeling of island living, why not bring it into your home? Turning your bedroom into an island sanctuary allows you to feel like you’re always on vacation. There are a few different influences that you might draw on, but you can choose to follow a few simple rules if you want to create a room that would be at home on almost any island.

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Change Your Life And Accomplish More: Three Areas To Work On

3 ways to change your life

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we can feel a little trapped by the daily grind. The same routines day-in-day-out, the same income, the same people, and the same relationships. While some areas of our life may be flourishing, thriving, and abundant, there could be parts of our daily routine that is bringing us down and affecting everything else. It happens! It takes a lot of awareness and conscious decision-making to be completely happy with every aspect of our lives. Most people don’t admit it, but to be truly happy, it is something that we must work on daily to ensure that we achieve it.

So what can you do right this minute to change your life? Perfect question! Today I wanted to share three areas that will drastically make an impact on your daily experience and assist in achieving more of what you want. I hope it gives you the confidence you need to pursue your happiness.

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What It’s Actually Like At A Casino Resort

casino resorts review

Casino resorts have developed a certain reputation over the years. They tend to be gaudy, over-the-top, and full of attractions. And we tend to imagine them as places for bachelor and bachelorette parties, or other large and festive gatherings. Basically, you don’t quite know what to expect if you’ve never spent time at a casino resort before, but it’s probably something on a spectrum from Bradley Cooper’s character in The Hangover to George Clooney’s from Ocean’s 11.

The reality is often quite a bit different from what people expect. The primary attractions may not be what you expect, the atmosphere can be unpredictable, and it’s often the resort – not the actual casino floor – that stands out. Below are a few more specific thoughts on what it’s actually like to visit and stay at one of these venues.

These Resorts Are Hotels First

There’s a tendency to think of a casino resort as a casino first, a package of attractions second, and a hotel third. Really, this order might most properly be reversed entirely. Yes, what sets these venues apart is the entertainment. However, casino resorts also have to house endless waves of tourists, and those in charge are well aware that if they don’t provide comfort, they’ll fall behind the competition. As a result, you need only take a look at the recommended hotel rooms in Las Vegas to get a feel for the kind of luxury hotels we’re talking about. Big, comfy beds, wide windows, fancy bathrooms, and often enough living space to host a small group are fairly standard.

Fine Dining Is Part Of The Experience

It’s almost hard to find a noteworthy casino resort that doesn’t have an elegant steakhouse, highly touted ethnic cuisine, a celebrity chef establishment, or some combination of all of the above. For that matter, it’s also become somewhat traditional for these resorts to offer gourmet (though pricey) breakfast buffets. You can certainly wind up paying a little more than you like at any of these places, but the fact of the matter is that fine dining has become inextricably tied to casino resort culture. And menus and pricing aside, the venues themselves tend to have the beautiful décor and interesting layouts you’d expect within a casino.

The Gaudiness Blends In

This may be a matter of taste or personal reaction, but more often than not, the gaudiness commonly associated with casinos basically blends in and blends together. This just means that you won’t be walking around a casino thinking consciously, “what an over-the-top gold-dusted pillar that is for a lobby,” or, “wow, that mock statue of a Roman god looks fake.” Yes, casino resorts tend to be drastically over-decorated, but the faux-chic absurdity of it all is sort of part of the charm, and it makes for more of a total environment than a set of noticeable details.

Casino Floors Are Effectively Open Bars

One guide to navigating the Vegas-like resorts of Atlantic City explicitly states that the drinks are free as long as you’re playing games. But even beyond Atlantic City, this is something of an unstated rule at most legitimate casinos (though sometimes not on cruise ships). The idea is to provide an incentive for people to keep spending money on the tables and – almost certainly – to lower their inhibitions in the process. For the casual gamer however playing with low limits this means that casino floors are used more or less as bars that happen to have games – not the other way around.

It’s Different For High Rollers

By “it,” we mean the entire experience. If you’re heading to a casino expecting to see someone in a suit or ball gown at the other end of your blackjack table, playing with a $5 minimum bet and sipping a fancy cocktail, you’re likely to be disappointed. While some people betting more money do hang around at the more casual tables, legitimate high rollers tend to be in more exclusive areas, and tend to be better catered to by staff. The drink service is more efficient, the amount of money changing hands can be staggering, the dealers are more no-nonsense, and sometimes a room at the hotel is comped.

The Spas Can Be The Most Impressive Parts

“80,000 square foot space takes up two floors.” That’s one of the first lines in a description of the spa facilities at the Aria resort in Las Vegas, per Spa Manners. 80,000 square feet over two floors! And that’s just one of dozens of spas at resorts all over the city. This of course depends on where you go, but casino resorts are meant to be entire vacations in and of themselves, and that means relaxation isn’t taken lightly. In many cases the spa facilities can be the most impressive parts of the experience, elevated over gaming floors, hotel rooms, and all the rest.

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Lexli Review: Aloe Vera Skin Care Products You Need To Try

Lexli Review. Aloe Vera Products

You may have seen Lexli on my counter tops in the past few months if you follow along on Instagram! Lexli has been the aloe vera based skin care brand I tested for the past month. Previously, I never thought about using pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera skin care products in my daily regimen, but after learning the dramatic health benefits, I am so shocked I hadn’t included it sooner. Keep reading for the full review on four Lexli products (including AloeGlyC®) and why you should try pharmaceutical-grade Aloe Vera skin care. PS. I share a 25% off discount code at the end!

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Do You Know What You Really Want From Life?

women owned businesses

Is it selfish to want to be happy? Do you feel as if you can’t really focus on yourself and living your best life because you feel as if you should be focusing on others? Or because you’re really quite privileged compared to the amount of suffering or bad things that go on in the world? You’re not the only one. So many of us suppress our wants and needs in life for the wrong reasons. When you’re not focusing on yourself and living your best life, you may find yourself feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Even if you’re okay with that right now, saying to yourself, “Oh it could be worse,” it may go on to manifest into a mid-life crisis in the future. And that, my friends, can be horrific. So it’s time for you to recognize that it’s okay to be selfish and to focus on what you want.

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How To Create A Positive Impact In The World

Can one person really make a difference? Yes, of course they can, and that person can be you. Rather than living a life always thinking about your wants and needs, you can do something today, this week, and this year, that will change the world around you.

What do we mean? Well, consider the following.

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Jobs That Will Allow You to Travel More

For many people, the opportunity to properly travel the world and experience everything this life has to offer is a big deal. There are so many jobs out there that allow you to travel, so why carry on doing your current job that simply ties you to your desk and keeps you confined in the same fours walls, day after day, year after year. To give you some inspiration, here are 5 jobs that will allow you to travel more. Read on to learn all about them.

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14 New York Fashion Week Events Open To The Public

Next week is the beginning of New York Fashion Week. While the shows are primarily for those who work within the industry (buyers and press), there are ways to celebrate the excitement by attending New York Fashion Week events open to the public. These events often include entertainment, drinks, prizes, and a slew of good memories to share with friends before the end of summer. Honestly, sometimes these are way more fun to attend.

Here are a list of New York Fashion Week events open to the public.

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