Day 5: Scripting For Success

Scripting for success

Wow! We have gone through a number of helpful tools for reprogramming the mind for success already. From letting go of negative influences, limiting beliefs, adding empowering mantras, and building gratitude, what more can we do? Well, glad you asked. Today we are applying another technique that comes from the law of attraction (did you watch The Secret yet?). It’s called scripting. This article will go over what exactly that is, the tools I use to help with scripting, and how to apply it in your own life. Let’s begin!

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Day 3: Feel Empowered

feel empowered

Today is a special day for the detox. We aren’t necessarily letting anything go as much as feeding our mind with empowering thoughts. No matter what situation, head space, or obstacle you are facing, you can get through it. Here are the tips and tricks I use to feel empowered.

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Day 2: Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs

How are you feeling so far? Did yesterday’s social detox feel invigorating or slightly scary? Let me know in the comments! Today it’s time to turn inward and look at our own limiting beliefs and how they are holding us back. Just like how we took an inventory of outer influences contributing to our emotional […]

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Day 1: Social Detox

Social Detox Tips

Welcome to day 1 of the 21 days of detox. I am starting off on a seemingly simple yet major step. That is, a social detox. Basically we are going to do an inventory of all our daily interactions, and get rid of any and all negative daily reminders. Especially on social media, but not […]

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Why 21 Days Of Detox?


Hello 2019, you beautiful new year you! I have received plenty of messages via social media, emails, text messages and calls saying the same thing… I cannot wait for a fresh start and a brand new year to create. I am right there with you. I hope you took the time last year to reflect […]

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Snowmass

What a beautiful year it has been. If you are new to this blog, today is my birthday as well as the magical day of Christmas. I use to not like sharing my day with one of the largest holidays of the year, but each year as I get older, I truly am so grateful. […]

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Having a Great Time in Singapore

Have a great time in Singapore with these travel tips

There are so many things to do in Singapore that you will never be bored if you take a vacation there. This island country caters for tourists in all areas, and as it is said to be one of the safest places in the world, you can enjoy your visit without feeling threatened. The main […]

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Why Professional Web Design Is A Must

Professional Web Design

In today’s competitive business and blogging world, having a professional web design is a must if you are to gain an advantage over other companies in your industry. No matter what type of product or service you provide, an expertly designed website will ensure your company gains exposure and increases sales levels. For more information […]

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Starting A Business On A Budget

Business On A Budget

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a huge amount of money to start a business. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs have started global enterprises from nothing. All you need to start a business is a good idea, confidence and a bit of resourcefulness. Here are just a few tips to getting a business started […]

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