What to Pack for A Weekend Getaway

My favorite part of the warmer weather seasons is the ability to get away for a short weekend. When you live in New York City year round, you desperately need a little getaway from the smoldering, crowded streets. I personally dream of a simple car trip up to the Cape or a bus ride to the Montauk. The Berkshires, Catskills, and even Greenwich are all within reach of NYC. The key is to find a cozy hotel or house to rent for a weekend that is quiet, spacious and hopefully comes with a pool.

So what should you pack for your weekend getaway? I always suggest packing less. The whole reason for the escape is to relieve stress. The last thing you want is to lug a bulky suitcase around. All you really need are great walking shoes, a camera to snap photos of the trip, some leisure reading, and sunscreen! My favorite of the moment is Kiss My Face sunscreen (all natural).

weekend getaway packing list

As for clothes, pack a swimsuit, swim coverup, and a cute maxi dress that will take you from day to night easily! I’ve listed a few examples below.

And that’s it! You are ready to go. Let me know in the comments where your dream getaway would be! For more weekend getaway ideas, check out this list by HomeAway!



  1. My dream get away would be to travel somewhere I’ve never been. And go by train.

    I like the sunscreen brand and smart packing.

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