The One Trick You Need To Be Successful

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There’s one thing I do consistently that has proven to be the trick to success. I’ve done this thing every single day for 10 years. I’ve heard other successful leaders vouch for the practice, and deemed it as their reason for success as well. The one trick you need to be successful is…

To journal

Pen to paper is magical. There is some sort of crazy power that happens when I sit down and write. It is a form of meditation, on what I have been avoiding and need to let go of. I often learn ways to progress and see how I can become a better person. Additionally, journaling is a way to visualize all my goals and dreams. I write down everything. From what I am feeling, to what I want.

Why it works

Often we forget what we are doing. Lose track of why we started the new fitness routine, why we are working extra hours. It is a great reminder why we began a process and not to give up.

It also tracks how far we progressed. I love looking back at old lists of goals and seeing how many of them I’ve actually accomplished! Before a new year starts, I spend half a day writing out everything I want to achieve. Last year I accomplished my goals in two months… And they were big time goals! Like attending New York Fashion Week and being part of Vanity Fair Oscar roundup.

I discovered what I put in writing eventually happens. I also constantly create new lists of goals and dreams once I’ve out grown the old lists.

If I am on the go, I write out lists on my phone of what I want to accomplish for the week or for the day. By seeing what needs to get done, some how I make the time and have the energy to do it. Without fail!

Sometimes I write out how I am feeling and then go into what I want to achieve. There are times emotions block what I want to achieve and I have to dump the fear before getting to the goals.

Why not give it a try yourself. What do you want to achieve this coming season? This month or this week? Write down five things. Periodically check back and see how much you’ve accomplished! It is so motivating to see that without even trying, you can cross big goals off your list. Our minds are like torpedoes with a target, we always make our mark.  Even if you don’t finish everything you set out to achieve in the time frame you set out, hold onto those goals and write them into the next week, month, or season. You will eventually get there! Check out the 5 defeating actions holding you back and how to change. It is a great addition to writing down your goals!


Originally Published August 2017. Photo by STIL 


  1. This is something I’m definitely guilty of, I just think that I don’t have time for doing all the writing and instead I can actually utilise this time to do some actual work!! But then you are right it’s so each to forget things and to lose track of your achievements as to when, how and where ! Thanks for sharing

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