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Slip Silk Pillowcase Review

I was recently sent the Slip Xo pillowcase to test out and review. I have been incredibly curious by this brand for some time now after reading other bloggers’ experiences. One travel blogger even went as far as recommending these cases while you travel so you don’t wake up with sleep lines or creases on your face. It was when Jen Atkin started promoting it, I knew I had to give it a try.

What is Slip?

The Slip pillowcase is a hundred percent silk pillowcase that helps prevent hair breakage, bead head, and skin pulling while you sleep. You can read all the benefits here. The theory is that since the pillowcase is silk, there is less pulling on your hair and skin. Instead our skin and heard slip over the silk, creating less friction and damage.

I received the silk pillowcase with the XO pattern, but there are several different color types on their website to chose from. My first opinion was this is so fancy and pretty, I don’t want to ruin it! But I read that there is a simple way to take care of these pillow cases that do not include dry cleaning. Thank goodness!

The Verdict

The hype was actually right on this beauty product. After a month of sleeping on the pillowcase, I noticed a huge difference in my hair. I have naturally curly hair and often I wake up with an unruly mess. Not the case with Slip. I woke up with my hair looking pretty much the same as the day before. Which for me saves a lot of time redoing my hair, and keeps my locks healthier because I am using less heat on them.

Overall, I see how these silk pillowcase works wonders especially to decrease pulling and tugging on sensitive skin around the eyes. My biggest benefit is how it kept my hair straight and not frizzy the next day. I would recommend giving it a try! See how you like it and how it would benefit your lifestyle.

Slip Silk Pillowcase Review

Slip Silk Pillowcase Review

Slip Silk Pillowcase Review

Slip Silk Pillowcase Review


Several retailers carry Slip, feel free to shop your favorite place:



  1. Yes!! I have been using these for years. I bought a Slip case so long ago now and have been addicted to sleeping on a silk case since. I notice it keeps my head at a normal temperature, which sounds strange but before I was noticing my head would heat up as I try to sleep. So annoying!
    xx Jenelle

  2. My dermatologist says that using proper skincare and sleeping on the wrong pillowcase is like going to the gym daily and eating nothing but donuts!
    Tasha Juli

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