A night with Town & Country and Nirav Modi

Last week Emily, from Social Fashionista Beauty, and I attended the launch of Town & Country’s latest book Manners and Misdemeanors. The event was held at the jewelry boutique Nirav Modi located on Madison Avenue. It was a very beautiful and elegant setting.

At the event, I was able to try on a stunning 5 carat princess cut diamond ring that had diamonds all the way around the band and up the setting. I have never seen a more flawless white diamond before, let alone wear one.

The other very unique piece we got to try was the diamond bangles that actually stretch! A new technology designed to fit most wrists without having to adjust the links. They come in a few different styles, included a pink bracelet called the Flamingo. I love the traditional silver and gold bangle, they come in slimmer styles if you are looking for a more delicate piece.

Overall, the event was a wonder way to start a week. If you are still shopping for the holidays, these make excellent gifts. The book by Town & Country is phenomenal as well.

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  1. Man, does the ring look absolutely gorgeous on YOU!!! I think when the time comes, you may need to refer that Mr. Special to this blog post 😉 haha! Such beautiful jewels and I’m sure it was a wonderful event, too…I mean, how can it not!? You’re surrounded by diamonds!!! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have the best week ahead!



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