Why Niche Blogs Are More Successful (Aka What To Write About)

Niche Blogs Are More Successful

When I first started blogging, I really wish I listened to this message. It would have saved me years of frustration and wondering why I wasn’t growing as fast as I knew I could. The important tip is, build a niche blog.

What is a Niche Blog

A niche is a small specific topic or genre. For instance, a vegan food blogger or natural beauty blogger. Be as specific as you can about what you’re an expert in. I know that seems really challenging, and it was really challenging for me! I wanted to write about everything I was interested in. I wanted to talk about all my passions. But that’s why I failed, it was all about me and my interests. Not about what I am an expert in and how it could help others.

Why Niche Blogs Are More Successful

The more specific the topic, the more you are the expert, and the more others begin to trust in you. It is really that simple. People will remember you as that go-to person when they need help. If they have a question about what to wear to a formal event, and you write specifically about style advice, best believe they are coming back to the blog to see what you wrote.

Also, if a reader randomly finds your blog and likes what they read in one article, they are probably going to want to read more of the same. When you have a plethora of articles similar to the one they loved, you now have an instant fan! Guess what fans do? They subscribe, buy, and share with friends. That’s how a niche blog becomes successful. However, if that random reader who loved that one article only finds a plethora of scattered topics and ideas, you lose that reader immediately.

How To Find Your Niche

So the next question is, what topic to choose? If it isn’t apparent what you should write about, take some time to brainstorm ideas. What are you the best in? What do you love learning about and talking about? Ask people close to you what they think you excel in. If it can’t be too specific, then limit to one topic instead of three. For instance, I went from being a fashion and beauty blog to the latest in fashion. I cut out the lifestyle, music, and beauty component of my blog while still having a pretty big umbrella to write under.

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