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With fall in full swing and work picking up, it is time for massive networking events. I personally love socializing with like-minded individuals who are in the field of blogging. There are tons to discuss, usually great products to test, and new friends to meet. This time around, I really thought about how important it is to be prepared for networking events such as meetups and conferences.  Just like any other part of life, going in prepared allows you to achieve your intentions.

For networking events, I set specific goals. One being, I want to get to know at least four new people. I believe that taking the time to really listen and understand a person is far more successful than several quick connections over the course of the night. I also go in with the notion that, while promoting my brand is important, discovering how I can help another brand is far more important. Asking thoughtful questions and providing solutions, will not only leave the person remembering who I am but more likely to help my brand in return. The biggest part, is being genuinely interested in helping first and foremost. Good deeds do get noticed, believe me.

Successful networking is simply helping another brand or person.

Lastly, I am equipped with a journal or notepad at all times. More than likely, being surrounded by a creative group will spark ideas and new ways I am able to improve as a brand. I love jotting down information, or quotes that inspire new ideas. I try to jot down at least three important takeaways that I can brainstorm on later. Of course, if it is a day long lecture, I am more likely to fill a few pages of notes than just three points.

Not only am I mentally prepared, but I am also stocked up on these following goodies!



1) As I already mentioned, a notebook is super important to take down contact info, as well as any inspirational ideas that strike.

2) Along with a place to jot down info, you are going to need pens or pencils. It’s easy to forget, so make sure you pack two or three immediately (as in right now) before you lose track.

3) Hair Pins. If you are attending a conference that last 6-8 hours, most likely hair, makeup, and everything else will start to fade after the first few hours. Hair pins are great for a quick pick-me-up before taking more photos.

4) Speaking of sprucing up, a nice perfume and chapstick is another great idea to keep you looking your best during the entire event. Never underestimate a perfect lip and a signature scent. I use NYX Butter Lip Balm and Billionaire Boyfriend roll on perfume.

5) Business Cards of course. I got my cards from

6) Your phone for selfies and massive social media coverage. This is a great way to up your followers and maintain high-quality content.

7) Your wallet, because well, why wouldn’t you have your wallet? Mine is from Henri Bendel.

8) Last but certainly not least, accessories. Wear a statement piece that will spark conversations.

What tips do you use when networking? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. What a great post! I’ve only recently started being to more social events, and I am TERRIBLE at them. Networking is so not my jam, but I’m determined to learn how to do it. This post is more than helpful; thank you!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin’

    1. Thanks Kelly! Such a great question that I think I will do a blog post on this topic. For now what I can suggest is to join blogging networks such as Blogger babes NYC or Sverve. They host events often free or provide info for upcoming events run by a third party. I am part of both those networks and love them! Eventually, your name will become familiar within the community and you will get invites coming in steadily. Hope to see you in NYC soon! XO, Ellese

  2. I love this! I attend networking events here and there throughout the year, but I never really think about packing the essentials ahead of time. Will definitely bookmark this page for future reference. –

  3. Wow, thanks for a great article on networking! I must say I’m really bad at it – usually I’m too shy to meet people, but I feel that every blogger needs to socialize more and more.
    I’m so glad, that I’ve found your blog, just started reading it!

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