My September Letter To You

September Note
Hi my loves!

I cannot believe it is September already. This Summer went so fast, I blinked and it is almost over! We still have a few more weeks before it is officially Fall (aka my favorite season). This year though, I am kind of sad Summer is ending. I actually had a really nice relaxing Summer. I didn’t travel or do much of anything, but it was a welcomed treat to stay still. I mentioned in an earlier post this week, last summer I moved three times! Which I guess is why staying still and not running around too much is a dream! Keep reading why.

My September Letter To You

I wanted to write this letter today to say hi, how are you?! What’s going on? I realized I hadn’t had a real personal conversation with all of you in some time and I miss it! I want to hear what you have planned for this month and kind of let you in on what’s happening with me and my life. I think that’s why I naturally gravitated towards blogs in the first place, was how personal they can be. So let me know in the comments how you are doing so I can read them as well, and I’ll let you in on what’s happening over here. Deal? Okay!

So I should back track and say this Summer has been really nice because it has been ultra low key. I loved having the weekends to do nothing except walk around my little neighborhood, get coffee and meet up with friends. I spent a lot of my time in Brooklyn and Queens exploring neighborhoods that I have always been interested in. Last weekend I walked over the Queens Borough Bridge for the first time ever! It was incredible and I hope to do it again.

September is a busy month as I get back into more work events and more responsibilities. I am trying to figure out how to remain balanced and continue to workout and be outside even when the cooler weather coming in. Does anyone else have issues with getting to the gym when it gets dark outside so early? How do you adjust or keep the momentum going with the shorter days?

October is already an exciting month with a trip to San Francisco and DC. I already have the holidays on my mind, which I get giddy about. I am also super giddy about wearing boots again.

Thank you for letting me share all these things happening in my life right now! Like I mentioned, you too can use this place to say what’s new happening in your life. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below. This is a safe space for everyone. Til next time!



styling striped button down shirt Striped button down blouse and black jeans. My September letter

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  1. A low key summer sounds really lovely and dreamy, sometimes those are the best kind of summers! I love this blue and white striped shirt on you by the way 🙂

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