My Last Two Months

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I have been living in New York City for nearly 11 years now, and I think I finally understand the meaning of the phrase, In a New York Minute….”

My last two months have been a whirlwind. Between packing up my entire beloved apartment, to finishing work assignments, my brain sometimes has a hard time comprehending what’s happening. For instance, I’ll be halfway through an email when I start  thinking “Did I pack the coffee machine?”. Disoriented is a real thing!

Life hadn’t always been this fast pace. There were points when I could actually sit down for breakfast and enjoy my morning bagel and coffee.

But that slowly evolved as I grew in this magical city. I remember I use to walk through Union Square and look up into the night sky and say to myself “I want to run this city.”

I’d look into the windows of private events and wonder what that would be like to attend. As of last year, I am now inside sipping the champagne at those private events. I would be in awe of New York Fashion Week, standing outside the tents wanting to go in. Now, I have had the pleasure to walk into the venues as a guest. Life became faster and moved at a speed of light the longer I’ve lived here, met people here, and worked harder here. It went from snails pace to, well… why don’t you Meet my last two months…

In the last two months I’ve:

  • Went on one magical press trip
  • Completed15 campaigns
  • Change and upgraded my hosting (you guys this took a week of nonstop calling but now it is so worth it)
  • 3 days at the United Nations, covering emerging topics around the SDGs
  • One press event where I helped demo the product (super fun, yet also super stressful to be in the room with 20 of my favorite publishers)
  • Went backstage at New York Fashion Week with Aveda
  • Made Pizza with Google for National Pizza Day
  • Attended events for Edition, Public, and W Hotel (pretty please, let me work with you!!)
  • Wrote an entire article for press in one hour… I was freaking out ya’ll!
  • Attended the New York Times Travel Summit (really wish I took more advantage of this event, but I was wiped out by the time it came around)
  • Instagram Takeover for Elite Daily (did you guys see it!)
  • Spoke on a Panel for WIE Network at Sony Square
  • A night with Blogher, where Chelsea Clinton presented!!!
  • Attended the Screening of Wes Anderson’s latest movie “Isle of Dogs” at the Met Museum. PS, the movie is so so good!
  • Packed and moved my apartment into storage, found someone to sublet my apartment, and booked my trip around the world (this was a full time job in itself. But again, so so worth it!)
My last two Months, Edition Hotel NYC
Edition Hotel
My last two months, Isle of Dogs Movie Premier
Wes Anderson and the entire cast of Isle of Dogs

I love what I do, which is why it is even possible to do everything I mentioned above. I am beyond grateful that I have the opportunity to have a big life full of adventures.

But it hit me, I miss the days when I woke up and had no plans. No place to be, the moments where my biggest decision was, what kind of creamer to put in my coffee (oat, soy or almond)? Obviously that’s not practical for everyday life, unless I am retired. But I do realize I need to slow it back down.

That’s why I pushed and worked hard to take a break and go for the adventure I had been dreaming of. And it will not be done in a New York minute. I am actually slowing down.

It is a completely different pace than I am use to and it feels good!

What I am learning through this experience:

Slow down and appreciate the moments in life! Take the pressure off to get everything done instantly. Through this whole exercise in taking a break, I was reminded that all I have to do is show up. Nothing else is expected of me… Maybe that will an article for another day.

See you on my next adventure, check out my Instagram to see where I am going!


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