My Favorite Work Outfits From Express & More!

Work Outfits Express

I remember when I was in high school I would LOVE to shop at Express in the Short Hills Mall. When they first launched their shoe collection, I nearly fell over. I still remember the leopard print wedges I bought from them. They were the most comfortable shoes I owned.

I still shop Express, especially for their work outfits. Whenever I need a nice pair of black slacks, I immediately think of Express. Somehow the fit is always right and I know they will have plenty of options to choose from. I recently scanned Express’s selection and fell in love with some new pieces that would be perfect for the office. For this roundup, I also included a few outerwear options to get you to work warmly and in style. I may have sneaked in a couple additional looks for those after hour drinks with coworkers. Everything you may need for your work week outfit options are below, let me know in the comments which items you are lusting after!

Office and Work Outfits You’ll Love 

To be honest, I am still obsessed with Express’s shoe collection and have added my favorite picks below. I personally find the fit to be very comfortable and never tight. For work outfits, I love a great pair of slacks that are functional and fun. A couple trends that we have been seeing in the past couple seasons are the return of plaid and racer stripes on slacks. They will add a new dimension to your office look while still appearing professional.

The correct fit is always the key in keeping a clean look, especially with office skirts and slacks. Don’t be afraid to have them altered to fit your body! What I love about Express is that their pricing is reasonable which allows for additional room in the budget for tailoring.  Without further ado, here are my favorite work outfits, many come in several colorways so click through to find all options!

Outerwear That Brings The Heat

The topper of all outfits during the Fall and Winter is the perfect coat. Yes, your coworkers do notice what jacket or coat you are wearing. Yes, they see if it is tattered and frayed at the edges. Yes, even your boss notices in between fielding emails. Investing in a jacket and coat you are proud to show off as much as your office outfit is important.

This is also the place where you can add a bit more personality into your look. Depending on your career and style preference, try to add more flare to your jacket than with your work outfit. Whether you have fun with the coat or keep it modest, that’s up to you. Having a piece of outerwear that elevates your entire work wardrobe is essential. Here are my favorite pieces from Express!

Happy Hour Attire 

Holiday cocktails are upon us. As well as long night in the office that may require additional happy hours with coworkers. These cute and fun options are easy to throw into your purse to change into for after hours. Or store them at your office for that date night you have after a long work day. These small and compact little additions to your wardrobe will instantly transform your outfit and get your ready for an incredible night out. Here are my favorite after work outfits ideas!


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