My favorite Blemish Fighter: Mighty Patch

Mighty Patch

I don’t know about you but the holiday stress did a number on my skin. Between all the good food, the change in weather, the pressure to get things done before the new year left my skin looking pretty rough. The one saver that helped with breakouts were these incredible Mighty Patch by Hero Cosmetics. I’ve been using these since Thanksgiving and I am completely hooked! So if clear, glowing skin is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then keep reading!

What comes in the box?

Simple! There are three sheets of little blemish fighting patches. 36 patches are in each box. One box has lasted three months with mild breakouts.

How does it work? 

The Might Patch uses hydrocolloid which pulls water and pus to the surface and absorbs the fluid. The beauty is it does all this without drying the skin. It is also a lot safer by not including harmful drugs in the ingredient and keeps you from picking at the problem area.

How do you use them?

After washing my face at night, I place one patch over the target area. I leave the patch on for the entire night. By the next day, the blemish has surfaced (meaning only one more day of this sucker) or has been annihilated overnight. It depends on how big the problem area is. Repeat until it is completely gone for good. I noticed my skin looks healthier from not attacking the blemish myself, which I know is so tempting to do.

Where Can I Get Mighty Patch?

They are now being offered at Athropologie, which is where the line is officially being carried. One box is $13, which is a great price for an acne product.

Mighty Patch


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