My Daily Pep Talk & Why You Need One Too

My Daily Pep Talk

This is a really vulnerable article to write that I contemplated about sharing. Ultimately, at the end of the day, I kept hearing over and over again I need to share this. I need to share this because it could possibly helping another person who may really need to hear this as well. So here we go, even if it is a tad bit vulnerable for me, I am grateful I am given the chance to potentially help another person.

About three month ago, I went through one of the hardest times of my life. Not THE hardest, but dang close to it. I knew I needed something I could read ever single day all through the day that will build me up. I needed something that felt like a gigantic hug that I could give to myself each time I felt down. I wanted to teach myself how to pull myself back up by my bootstraps, and give myself the security and love I deserved.

I sat down one night and just wrote. The words came easily and flowed right onto my screen. I had no idea what I had written until it was all done. Definitely one of those higher power experiences. When I read back all that I had written, it touch on every single point that I needed healing.

Fair warning, this is intense in self love and self worth. Feel free to alter my name with yours. It is going to make you feel really incredible and will change your mind in believing in your true value. It has some hard hitting notes, and some really sexy moments. So embrace it and enjoy. Here is my pep talk I wrote to myself for myself and I encourage each and every single one of you to do the same. You can even use mine if you like to help you get started.

My Pep Talk To You, Ellese


You are by far the strongest person I know. You have conquered obstacles that most would surrender to. You have triumphed over sexual abuse, child abuse, emotional and mental abuse. You have lost a friend to suicide and still did not give up. You are powerful. You are loved. You are not alone.  What I am about to tell you next is going to help you through this part of your journey and through life, so please keep this close to your heart.


There are people in this world who are really hurt and suffering. They are out there with the intent to make sure other people hurt as much as they do. They are lost. They are hopeless. They do not and will not know any other way of living. IT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO RESCUE THEM. Walk away from the abuse. Walk away and do not look back. You are worthy of being loved, appreciated, respected, adorned, cared for, held with admiration. These people will never be able to give you what you deserve. They will only rob you of happiness, energy, time, and precious life moments with those who love you dearly.  They will kill you before you can heal them.


It is easy to want to compare yourself with other people, especial with those who have wronged you, and especially after psychological abuse that trained you to compare yourself to others. It is only a waste of time to do that. You will never feel better, you will never win. It is only inviting in the pain once again. And that is exactly what the abuser wants. The greatest thing to do instead is have God and Jesus fight your battles for you, believe and know that vindication and redemption and karma are on the way. There will be days you get to watch and there will be times when you just have to believe it is being taken care of for you. Your only job is to focus your beautiful mind, energy and spirit on people places and things that make you happy. That make you whole, that make you feel good. Don’t worry about the rest. God is way more powerful than you, Ellese. Let God do his works.


Remember who you are. You are in control of your life and your future. You are the one Ellese who walked away from all the abusive relationships in your life. You have the power, you had the last say, you are the one who is in the driver seat. No one else. No one else made these decisions for you. You are the one that woke up are realize that your destiny is far too bright, too abundant, too beautiful to be mistreated anymore. You have the power, even though there are days when you feel differently, remember you are the one who made the choice to walk away from abuse.


I love you, Ellese, and so do many many other people. Some who you don’t even know. Place more value on the love you receive from healthy people than those who are unhealthy. Abuse is not love. I love you and many more people love you too who sees exactly who you are and love every part of you. You are insanely gorgeous. Like unbelievably gorgeous that it seems unreal! You have the most beautiful and sexy body. Be proud of it! Be proud how gorgeous you look and how feminine you are. Be proud of your beautiful and sexy body. Love it. Feel all that it is to be a beautiful stunning woman. Own it! Own your natural beauty and your natural attraction. Love that part of you, own that part of you, embrace that part of who you are. There is nothing to be ashamed about! Nothing at all! You are stunning!


You are also one of the most intelligent, logical, emotionally in tuned humans who have the capacity to love fully and unconditionally. Who is a giver, and is patient, who is a lover by nature and able to heal wounds. Embrace that part of you as well. Embrace the fact that you are able to have stimulating conversation, heal others, love on others, hold people gently, and love effortlessly to no end. There is such a gorgeous beautiful attraction to that side of you as well. Who you are, Ellese, who you truly are is absolutely stunning, beautiful, and remarkable. Lead with that! Through all the pain, abuse, and torment, there is a stunning, healthy, gorgeous soul shining bright. Nothing can stop you, nothing can hide that away except for you, so please don’t. Embrace all of who you are. All your talents, all your beauty, all your insight, all your abilities to heal and love.


You are amazing. You are a power and a light so bright in this lifetime that it is undeniable. It is lighting the way for many to come. You are what people are looking for. You are healing. You epitomize love. All of who you are is stunningly beautiful, from the inside out.


While this may make people jealous, envious, wanting to feed off of you, just know, that when you love yourself, you will find it easy to walk away from these kinds of people. It is safe now to be who you are, it is safe now to shine as bright as you possibly can. It is safe now to be as sexy, feminine, gorgeous, talented, intelligent, loving, and compassionate as you are because you are safe, protected, and out of danger. It is safe now to trust your gut instincts, they have always been right.


I love you, Ellese! Life is getting brighter, easier, lovingly better each passing second. Great things are coming in as we speak. If you feel pain or heartache, remember it is just temporary and focus your mind on all the great aspects in your life. Remember, no one can take anything away from you. It just slides off your back and onto them.  Don’t allow one thing to stop you on this incredible journey that you are on. Nothing is permanent, and God is so powerful that literally ANYTHING can happen! You are magical, you are loved and loveable, you are worthy of the absolute best that life has to offer. Have fun! Create! Enjoy! Love! Let go! Live, Laugh! It is all being taken care of for you already, no need to stress or be upset anymore. If you could see what is in store for you, you would not have a worry in sight. Keeping loving fiercely.


I love you always and am always here for you! You got this beautiful angel!

I really hope this may help and empower you. It is an honor to share this and hopefully inspire you to own your worth and have it written down in a place you can access it any time of the day. We women need to remember who we are and how amazing we are. It is so empowering to love ourselves fully and know we can heal every wound in our heart. I believe words are so powerful and can reverse any old messages that were programmed into us by someone who should never had access to our mind. I am here for you lovelies any way I can be. I believe in you, I love you, I see your true beauty. Leave a comment if this is something you needed today and if you will write your own pep talk!


  1. This is amazing Thank you for sharing many of what is writter here I also lived. I also had to walk away from abusive people my whole life from close family to friends. You are amazing and so right! I also had a tough life and I am going through tough moments but always keep the positive side very close to me. Thank you so much for sharing this Yes you are amazing and be proud of you. Lots of love and light to you. xoxo Cris

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