Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mom’s day is May 8th! Are you ready? Are you close to being ready? Did you even know Mother’s Day was in a week? No… Well, that’s okay! Today I am going over a few gift ideas and spa packages that will make any mom feel proud.

Jewelry may seem like an obvious gift, but there is a reason why it’s a favorite. We all love sparkly, pretty, and usually expensive items. More than that, there is a story behind most jewelry and it is an easy way to remember a fond moment. I love how Swarovski is currently mixing crystals with pearls for affordable yet elegant pieces. If you want to go full glam, check out what Oscar de la Renta is doing! Oh. My. Word.

Perfume is always a safe bet for Mother’s Day. A signature scent will never go out of style. It can become your token mother’s day gift that will have your mom excited to receive each year. Try my grandma’s favorite, Chanel º5.

Along the same lines, new beauty products may be what your Mom is looking for. How about a YSL lipstick that is packed with 12 essential oils, or an aqua boost hydrating skin mask from 100% Pure that will keep your mom looking young.

Maybe it is new clothing that she needs or vacation gear. Are you planning a family reunion this summer to somewhere tropical? Help your mom prep by gifting a new summer dress or Jimmy Choo Sandals. It will make her that more excited for the trip you’re about to take.

Speaking of getaways, why not take your mom out of town using JETSETTER? With an array of beautiful hotel options, it is so hard to choose where to go next! Plus they have unbeatable sales year round for top destinations.

If you can’t fly out of town maybe a nice spa package would work. I love roaming through Groupon’s collection of spa deals. From organic facials to a Chinese medicine massage, there is something for everyone. If I was a mom, this would be my ideal gift. A heavenly, quiet, oasis full of pampering.

Lastly, a personalized piece for the home is always a nice touch. New frames for the family photos, a vase to hold all those flowers you bring or a few of her favorite candles will do the trick. W!t and Wonder x Nordstrom has some cute Mother’s Day gifts.

But in case that wasn’t enough, here are a few more ideas:

What are you favorite Mother’s Day Gifts? Let me know in the comments below! And mom, just comment below what you’d like (you guys she reads my blog, talk about pressure!).


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