Money Saving Tips for Buying a Diamond Ring

People propose with engagement rings. The problem is, the rings are incredibly expensive. With the economy constantly fluctuating and never fully restoring – many people don’t have the means to splurge on engagement rings. There is good news! It is possible to save money when buying an engagement ring. Here’s how:

Pretend You’re Buying a Car

It’s all about your mindset. Think about buying a car – it’s all about the choices you make, the pros and cons you weigh up and the trade-offs you make. Just the way you’d inspect a few cars before making a decision, do the same with diamond ring shopping. Inspect lots of rings and you’ll quickly get a feel for what you like and what you don’t.

Sacrifice on Size 

If you’re looking for dazzling diamond wedding rings in Sydney, you may need to sacrifice just a little on the size. People tend to pay a fortune for a round number carat. But you can actually save a significant amount of money by purchasing a very slightly lower size. The only person who will be able to tell the difference is the jeweler.

The Same Goes for Color

Use the same philosophy as above for color. In order to save money without sacrificing on the look of the ring, you could push the color out one additional grade. For instance, get an “I” instead of an “H.” Once the diamond is mounted, in its setting and your fiancé’s hand, no one is going to notice the difference.

Choose a Lower Clarity

Notice a pattern we’re building here? Just as with carat and color, you can save money by getting a slightly lower clarity. For instance, you could choose a SI1 over a VS2. When you make a clarity trade-off, though, it is essential that you make sure the inclusions won’t endanger the structural integrity of the stone.

Don’t Sacrifice on Cut 

While you may be able to take shortcuts on carat, color and clarity, don’t take shortcuts on cut. When a diamond is well cut, you’ll notice that its facets are perfectly positioned to reflect the incoming light right back at the person looking at it. A lower cut diamond is only going to get dirty, shoddy and trap light, so it won’t sparkle. You can take a look at beautifully cut diamonds, like those from Delphi Diamonds, when you click here to view their website.

Don’t Be Afraid of Platinum

While you’ve probably heard that platinum is incredibly expensive and gold is much cheaper, it is sort of true. However, the price difference is hardly near where it used to be. The difference between gold and platinum has tightened greatly, so the point platinum has actually become the smarter investment.

Buy Safely

Let’s go back to where we started – the car analogy. You wouldn’t buy a car from a random person without any paperwork, would you? There are always precautions you should take.

Always ask for a legitimate Grading Report for the diamond, preferably from a well-known institute. Don’t forget to get ring insurance for your precious investment and make sure there is a money-back guarantee just in case your fiancé-to-be doesn’t like the ring.


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Image by Amber Wilkie | via Flickr


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