Michael Costello Fall/Winter ’17 Collection

For me the start of New York Fashion Week is when I watch Michael Costello’s beautiful designs flow down the runway. This season he did not disappoint when he gave us larger than life hair and gowns. It was Palm Springs in the 70s and I loved every minute of it.

One attribute that I adore about Costello is that he’s never afraid of embracing a female figure. All types of female figures. There is so much glamor, so much beauty and elegance in his pieces. This particular collection reminds me of a lady of leisure whose not afraid to be the head of the house. The transition from soft, white, flowing gowns to black, metallic, structured pieces shows the duality of leisure and boss every woman possess.

As a whole, the collection really brought me to Palm Springs in the ’70s, or at least what I imagine to be the perfect Palm Springs 70s garb. That was such a glamours era for California in one of the wealthiest communities. They loved a good party and this collection seems to fit perfectly with the capes, bell sleeves, and disco hair.

After watching the show, and revisiting the collection, I am this close to teasing my naturally curly hair and float around New York in an all white satin cape dress. Watch out!

Take a look at these top picks from the Michael Costello show, and what to expect Fall/Winter 2017.

Michael Costello - Runway - February 2017

Images provided by MAO PR. For more information, visit Michael Costello’s website.


  1. Michael Costello has come such a long way in his designs! I saw him present a few years back, and his technique has gotten so refined! He always did very ethereal, pretty dresses, but now they’re just rock-star glam and fit the models PERFECTLY! Such a great show to watch!

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