Give Your Guy The Gift Of Fashion With These Accessories

Men Fashion Gifts

When buying gifts for men, we often forget about fashion accessories. That might be in part because we don’t know their style or think they have one too many ties. But believe it or not, men really love their fashion accessories. To men, the accessory is often the end-all and be-all of fashion statement. So, if you want to get the fashionable man in your life a gift that will help him complete his look, here are a few men fashion gifts to look for.

The perfect watch

Some consider them a little outdated for everyday wear, nowadays. Why put something on your wrist if you have the time in your pocket, constantly? However, for most men, the right wristwatch is still an essential item. With men’s watches, the right weight plays a big factor. Leather bands are good for smart, simple everyday outfits. But if to signify success, go for the heavier, metal-banded watch.

The male version of the handbag

When we talk about the equivalent of the handbag for men, we’re not actually talking about a man-bag. Rather, the wallet. It’s the ubiquitous, often unnoticed, but still incredibly powerful fashion statement. If your man likes to look put together, then a high-quality wallet like the example shown here would be a perfect gift! Wallets made of high-quality leather with different compartments are useful and essential fashion accessories.

For the man on the go

If he’s constantly on the go and needing his whole world with him, then the wallet isn’t going to be enough. We all work a lot more flexible nowadays, having to cart around notes and laptops from place to place. The backpack is a little outdated and even juvenile looking for many grown men, and many of them are thankful that messenger bags have become a lot more popular as of late. A bag should have enough organizational pockets for everything he carts with him. If he has a laptop, for instance, it should have a separate compartment for the power pack. Leather, again, is a great material that’s durable and stylish at the same time, while the color is best defined by the kind of outfit he wears with it. Black if it’s used with formal business suits, but lighter browns can work well if he travels in a more casual look.

Men Fashion Gifts

The glint in his eye

The nights are getting longer and the days dimmer, so right now might not seem like the most intuitive time to get him a good pair of shades. However, high-quality sunglasses are treasured and likely to last him a lot longer than a season. Here’s a guide to buying the right sunglasses for your man that covers the steps of finding what style, color, and size you should get him. Face-shape, dress sense and the specific measurements are going to make a big difference in whether wayfarers or aviators are the right options.

A bit of bling

How much jewelry your man likes will depend very much on his general style choice. For many men, the watch might be enough. However, there are others who like to wear their success on their sleeve. If he’s the kind of man who spends his time attending formal dinners and rocking the boardroom, then lapel pins and cufflinks are a great choice. For the guy who keeps a more casual, streetwear style, the kind of hip-hop chains available here might see more use. One thing is true, men are wearing a lot more bling today, and it has a powerful effect on an outfit.

Tie the outfit together

It might not be as shiny, but a tie can define an outfit and draw the eye just as much as the right jewelry can. If he likes ties, then a simple switch can immediately change the overall impact of an outfit even if he keeps the same shirt, jacket, shoes, and everything else. A high-quality tie is crucial, but when it comes to style, the sky’s the limit. Gifting him a few ties at a time offers a lot more options. There are even subscription packs that will keep him in supply year round, offering him a fresh look whenever he needs it.

Men Fashion Gifts

Don’t forget a belt

Guys need to wear belts. The vast majority of their clothes aren’t fitted to their body naturally, so getting him a good belt that’s likely to last for a long time is really the gift that keeps on giving. You can get a little more expressive with the buckle if you like. Just be aware that if it’s for formal or business occasions, keeping it simple is will give a better overall impression.

Best foot forward

Getting socks as a Christmas gift has always been something of a long-running joke in modern culture and, indeed, most modern families. Yet, we still keep getting them for one another. Why? Because we need them, obviously. Socks aren’t just essential, either, they’re a crucial part of many men’s outfits. But instead of having to get him socks every other month, you can look at subscription services like the one available here. That way, he’ll constantly have new ways to make minor refreshments to his outfits. Just make sure that you know his size before you get him any. If he’s a man often on the go, then it’s a good idea to choose those that have reinforced heels and toes. It will postpone those inevitable holes. 

He’ll never lose them again

It’s not the most obvious or noticeable of fashion options, but it might be one of the most necessary. Losing our keys is a very common modern household headache, and keychains are one of the best ways to make them more visible and make that likelihood a lot lower. Sure, he might not flash his keys very often and he might not get very many comments on how good his keychain looks. So, if you’re getting him a little keychain alongside his other gifts, like the example here, then it’s best to go by his interests and his needs. Perhaps they could feature his favorite sports team logo on them or include a bottle opener.

As with all gifts, the specific choices are going to depend on the individual, but don’t be afraid to go outside the box from time to time. You might just help inspire him to find a whole new style.

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