Meet the Childrenswear designer who is going eco-friendly

Meet Meaghan Lass, creator and designer of van der Harten Kids. A new childrenswear line that is not only providing fun, colorful options for kids to play in, but is producing eco-friendly pieces. I had the chance to sit with the designer and discuss her ideas, inspiration, and desires behind Vanderharten Kids.

What is van der Harten?

van der Harten is that last name of Meaghan’s great grandmother and means “from the heart”. The perfect name for Meaghan’s line as each piece and detail is clearly poured over with love.

Why Childrenswear?

Coming from a long lineage of seamstresses, designing and executing garments is clearly in her blood. But why childrenswear?

Meaghan mentioned it was right after departing from her previous job in womenswear when she needed a much-deserved break. She visited a close friend in Maine, where watching her friend’s children play freely sparked an idea. With subtle pressure from her dear friend to do childrenswear, and Meaghan’s quick analysis of what is currently being produced- it was a done deal. Childrenswear it was. She immediate saw the need for children clothing that is properly finished and at a price point that made sense. But that’s not all…

Many Ways vdH’s Eco-friendly

It is rare for a startup brand to immediately go green, but vanderHarten is a rare brand. It was important to Meaghan from the start to include eco-friendly materials such as bamboo fabrics, and produce the least amount of waste. She recycle every scrap of paper used for patterns, which isn’t often done in fast-fashion industries.

Meaghan made a conscious decision to use bamboo fabrics for her childrenswear because of it’s flexible and durable properties. Bamboo is also a sustainable resource the grows like weeds without the use of toxic fertilizer. Clearly, the most sensible fabric to use for our precious children.  At an affordable price point of $10-$50, it is a great option for children. Plus kids love wearing these fun pieces. Feel free to shop below!

vanderHarten Kids eco-friendly childrenwear

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