Making Decisions And Eradicating Indecisiveness

Making Decisions And Eradicating Indecisiveness

Show of hands (in the comments) who has a hard time making decisions? Who relies on someone else to make decisions for them? How many times have you heard, “just make a decision, already!”This article is for you.

Decision making affects the self esteem in the sense that we are forced to rely heavily on trusting ourselves in choosing the right path. Often, most indecision comes from second guessing ourselves, giving other people’s opinions too much value, or confusing ourselves by talking over our gut instincts. Today we are discussing how to make decisions faster and eradicating indecisiveness for good.

Making Decisions Faster

Indecision is a [ you know what]. Our head spins, we feel conflicted, very much unsettled, and here comes the headache from overthinking. If you scan each and every possible outcome before making a decision, you’re not alone. If you sit on issues for weeks, months, even years before taking action, this might help.

There is a trick to speed up the decision making process. Mentally, make a decision and see how your body reacts. Does it tense up, get anxious, feels agitated? Then you probably don’t want to go with the decision you mentally made. However, if you body begins to relax, feels calm, a bit relieved, and maybe butterflies of excitement, that’s the right decision.

Here are a few more cues. If you aren’t sure about something, feel on the fence, mentally trying to persuade yourself this will be a good opportunity, then the answer is no. Saying I don’t know, equals a no. Also, if your first instinct isn’t a yeck yes, move on. Lastly, If someone is pressuring you for a decision, the decision is always no. People can wait, unless they are trying to sell you on something that they don’t want you to think hard about because it’s not a good deal.

Stop Relying On Others

Building up your voice and opinion is super valuable in life. Deep down you know exactly what you want, but often we are afraid what others may think or feel. It’s time to start standing on our own two feet and make decisions that are based on our needs and desires.

Start small by deciding where you would like to eat, what day works best to meet, who should be invited. If that’s even too big of a step, start with decisions that only affect you. Start with your personal style, what you like to wear, what kind of makeup trend you’d like to try. Experiment and enjoy the process of making those decisions. Feel free to read the article on being whole, and learning to know yourself first before entering any type of relationship. It may help you find your voice.

The Wrong Decision

The fact is, when we start making decisions, whether they are right or wrong, we get better and better at the process. The part most are afraid of, self included, is making the wrong choice. Here is the thing, you can always change direction if the choice you made doesn’t work out. In fact, you will know quicker which choice will work if you decide on one and try it out.

Most times, we need to make decisions to just see what is down that path. To test it out, to gain experience, to have certain knowledge for later. It’s not necessary a wrong decision if it doesn’t go as plan. We can cross it off the list, then try another, then another until we find what works.

Question Of The Day

What tips or tricks do you use to make decisions?


  1. Depending on others to make the decisions for us is definitely something that can stop us from growing or believing in our ability to deal with things. It’s best to take time and really think of what you mostly want and need when making an important decision.

  2. These are good tips! I tend to ask for opinions a lot when making a tricky decision, to consider viewpoints I might not have thought of on my own!

    Hope that your weekend is off to a great start! The cyclone that may have impacted us has moved further offshore which is good news, but we will still have a quiet weekend in case it comes back!

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