Love Your Style, Love The Planet: Here’s How

Love Your Style, Love The Planet: Here’s How

The explosion in consumerism is driving a fast-paced world. Fast communications, fast cars, and fast fashion. But over the past few years, we’ve become increasingly aware of the toll this takes on the planet. Interest in natural clothing and sustainable style is at an all-time high as we try to reconcile our love for fashion with being more socially responsible in the way we purchase. So, is it possible to have a greener approach without living in a hessian sack? Here are some simple steps to get you started:

Give Fast Fashion A Break

Although the rock-bottom prices of bargain retailers encourage us to adopt a model of buying into the latest trends, only to discard them when the next big thing rolls around, that practice is dangerous for the planet. Many large chains also use unethical production techniques, including child labor, to be able to produce clothes at such a low-end cost. So it’s much better to source brands who espouse more sustainable values, even if it means paying a little more upfront. Go for classic pieces that can be brought up to the minute with selected accessories or consider shopping vintage items for style without the bad conscience.

Upcycle Your Clothes

Another option is learn to adapt, upgrade, and style your clothes in different ways to stay current. With a little bit of DIY magic, you can really upgrade what you have or transform finds from the thrift store into desirable pieces. Adding a new trim to things and repurposing then by wearing them in different ways will give you a unique style that stands out as well as being kinder to the planet.

Love Your Style, Love The Planet: Here’s How To Go Green In Fashion

Embrace Vintage Style

There are some amazing pieces waiting to be found in charity shops and on pre-loved clothing websites, including sites that sell second-hand verified designer goods. It decreases your impact on the environment but also gives you a highly individual look. Make sure you also donate your own items when you’re finished with them or hold a swap party with friends to give those clothes another chance to be loved.

Choose Your Fabrics Carefully

You can make sustainable choices with your clothing fabrics too. Lyocell, bamboo and organic cotton and hemp are becoming more popular and widely available- not only do they look great, but they are produced at far less cost to the planet. Sites like Green Living can help you know what to look for.

It’s All In The Details

You can also be kinder with your fashion by making the processes around your clothes greener too. Eliminate un-necessary packaging and opt for reusable tote bags rather that accepting a carrier bag from a shop. Make sure you’re following greener laundry processes too – pick an eco-friendly detergent that doesn’t have harsh chemicals, wash clothes at a lower temperature and leave them to line dry wherever possible. Not only is this less damaging to the environment, but it’s gentler on fabrics too, meaning they should last longer.

With a few simple changes, you can embrace fashion without so much harm to the world we live in- and there’s nothing more stylish than being sustainable.


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