Slowing Down In The Best Loungewear

It is that awkward week between Christmas and New Year where work could get done, but rest is what we all really need. We worked hard all year, it is time to get comfy and plop down for a few days. I find that most of us don’t take time off, but I am here to say it is A-okay to stop and relax. Take a moment to reflect on the past year and just enjoy a couple of days of downtime.

The past few days I have caught up on some much-needed sleep and family time. I even carved out time to do nothing. There were days I just lounged in sweats and it was heavenly. There were days where my biggest outing was getting coffee from Starbucks, those were the best moments of my holiday vacation.

Staying comfy is the first requirement to slowing down. My favorite loungewear is from Free City. I have been wearing their sweatshirts for years. I find them super comfy yet a fun chic look for moments at home. I also really love Spiritual Gangster. Their phrases make me smile. Wildfox is another favorite and I am loving this star sweatshirt they have out right now. Even Burberry is getting in on the action of loungewear with this sweet sweatshirt. Here are a few more of my favorites:

I hope you are able to get comfy and relax this week! Share your favorite moments of relaxations with me in the comments below. What do you like to do to slow down?

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