How to Treat and Protect Silver Jewelry

I never knew how to take care of precious silver jewelry. As it is one of the most durable of all the precious metals, and more affordable than gold and platinum, I’ve always wanted to invest! However, I tend to fret over purchasing silver pieces because I was scared of them tarnishing or looking dull. These simple steps on how to treat and protect silver jewelry have been a game changer! I hope you enjoy.

What Does Tarnish Mean?

Have you ever seen a piece of silver jewelry that doesn’t look as new and shiny as it did when you first got it? Tarnish on silver jewelry is a layer of corrosion that has formed on the metal. This happens as the metal undergoes a chemical reaction with other compounds, particularly sulfur dioxide and oxygen. Tarnish is typically caused by the way a piece of jewelry is stored and used.

We have put together some top tips that will help you to keep your beautiful sterling silver items looking like new. In fact, preventing tarnish on your pieces is a lot less work than having to remove the tarnish.

Tip 1: Cleaning and Polishing

  • To prevent body lotions and oil from your skin building up on the jewelry, make it a habit to clean and remove all oils from the jewelry using a soft cloth. Do this nightly to keep your pieces looking like new.
  • You can also wash your items in warm, soapy water. Be sure to dry them thoroughly afterward.
  • For more info, see a selection of beautiful items and how to keep them clean.

Tip 2: Storing Your Silver Jewelry

  • Jewelry tends to tarnish a lot quicker if it is left out in the open and exposed to oxygen. You can avoid this happening by storing your items in an acid-free, closed jewelry box or container.
  • Do not leave your jewelry in direct sunlight or heat, as this can cause the color to fade. Try to keep your pieces in a protective box, or even wrap them in a soft cloth.
  • You may also want to store your silver jewelry in the gift box it came in or in soft jewelry pouches.

Tip 3: Avoid Exposing Your Silver Jewelry to Chemicals

  • Don’t let your silver jewelry come into contact with chemicals, sea salt, chlorine, vinegar, hot tubs, fruit acid or swimming pools.
  • Try to always apply perfume, lotions, hairspray and cosmetics before putting jewelry on.
  • When exercising, doing housework, showering or even gardening, take your jewelry off to avoid damaging the metal.

Tip 3: Pieces That Have Gemstones

  • Do not let colored gemstones come into contact with direct sunlight, otherwise the color of the stone may become dull.
  • Gemstones that come into contact with hand creams, chlorine, bleach and other harsh chemicals tend to erode the polish off the stone.

Tip 4: Pearls

  • Always remove your silver pearl jewelry before swimming, showering or going into the sea.
  • Always clean pearls using a soft cloth and apply hair products and lotions before putting on pearl jewelry to avoid oils and acids damaging your pieces.

Taking care of your silver jewelry will help keep it looking new, shiny and beautiful!

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