Life Obstacles And Learning To Roll With The Punches 

I often don’t share hardships I deal with daily. Mainly to avoid giving it more attention or power than it needs. I live by the popular phrase “don’t give life to it”. But today I am shedding light on ways I have learned to roll with the punches when facing obstacles.

 Last night I had a gas leak in my apartment. It was streaming in from a neighboring unit. It smelled the strongest in my bathroom.

Normally I would have every ability to handle a situation like this, but I am facing a huge work week and this gas leak shook me up. It began affecting my security and stability. My head went straight to “oh no I have to move! I am in jeopardy! My things are in jeopardy! Everything is going to explode!” Does your brain ever go into overdrive of the worse case scenarios?
Instead of allowing my thoughts to dictate my actions I listen and followed my intuition. I informed my super, called con ed, and made sure the apartment was safe. I didn’t feel comfortable staying in my home and ended up spending the night elsewhere.

While that too was beginning to throw me through a loop of self-pity “why can’t I be home with all my stuff in my own bed?” I began focusing on the moment and cited positive reminders like “everything will be okay” “this is temporary” and “enjoy the moment”.
I also asked for help which eased the tension of going through this alone. Nothing is worse than feeling like you are fighting the world on your own.

In the end, I don’t know why this happened. My biggest bet is a neighbor forgot to turn off the oven when cooking for the Super Bowl – which BTW is so dangerous. But why do these things occur in the first place- who knows? Life happens, obstacles happens.It’s how we react to them that makes the difference.

I could have easily acted on my irrational thinking and made it into a worse scenario. Instead, I tried my best to stayed present and roll with the punches.
Have you ever experienced something where you had to let go and just roll with it? What do you do to stay calm? Let me know in the comments!


  1. It is always good to just write a situation you are facing. I do it all the time on my blog and feel so much better. I understand why you would freak out at the gas situation mostly because you had a hectic week but everything got resolved. When I find myself in a hectic situation I try to realize if it is worth my anxiety, how I can resolve it, or surround myself with positive vibes. I hope this works.

    Have a fantastic day dear!
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