Life is About Perspective

Happy Monday everyone. Last week I talked about change and the ways that helped me move through transitions or tough times. I was amazed how many people really responded to that topic and thought that this week I would share about perspective. It is amazing how the world changes once we change how we see it.

Here is how I see life.  An excerpt from my personal journal:

For me, I love life and all the ways I get to explore it. Through travel, friendships, food, fashion, and experiences.  I love that nothing stays the same. It would be boring if it did. I love the endless possibilities. The mystery of what’s going to happen next. The twists and turns, the people I meet along the way. The potential and capability to do anything.

I love life and the abundance there is. The many different types of people, cultures and traditions. I love how beautiful the world can be. The sunrises and sunsets. I love how we are all here on this planet, and for the most part can come together for a sole cause. There are far more good people in this world than evil. There is far more love and beauty than hatred.

Life is far too large to understand or figure out. If I can figure it out, then I am only exploring a tiny sliver of what life has to offer.

perspective on life

But what about Pain?

Pain and misfortune in life are inevitable. Part of living and being alive is feeling those times of sadness, of heartache. That means I loved, I hoped I tried. I lived. Allow them to come in and keep trying, keep loving, keep hoping. Life is precious and it is short. Never waste a day hiding or worried about being hurt. Don’t allow life to pass without going all in.

Pain is a promoter. Whether it is losing a loved one, getting fired, getting divorced, being betrayed by a friend, it will take me higher if I allow it. Stay present – learn the life lesson attached. Change with the change. Know I am undefeatable, I will be promoted.

And Negativity?

Ignore the negativity. There is nothing more wasteful in life than negative thoughts. They are meaningless until I pour my time and energy into them. Worrying is pointless, they are only assumptions I’ve contrived in my brain about the possible outcome that has not occurred yet. All negativity does is make life miserable and hard. The same energy can be used to think and see the positive. It will make me feel happier, lighter and open for abundance. What would I rather have?


  1. If everything stayed the same, it would be very boring. You have to change to grow. When you make the choice to be a better person or think positively, you want every one around you to do the same. Be on the same frequency, but you made the change. Time for the magic and love to happen.

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