Let’s Work Together

Do you feel stagnate in your career? Do you have your own business, blog, media outlet, yet every effort you’re making is falling flat? Have you ever considered throwing in the towel and shutting it all down? I completely understand, it takes an army (not just a village) to keep going as an entrepreneur. However, if you have the right tools, mentor, and team behind you, it’s incredible what results are produced.

Being in the media and fashion world for over 6 years, I have learned a thing or two about formulating long-lasting client relationships, the mindset needed to achieve big goals, and the necessary formula to grow a business.

A few of my most impressive accomplishments have been working alongside Google, as a #teampixel ambassador for the past two years. Being one of the first selected in a group of 20 members, I cultivated a long standing partnership. I have applied the same principles to my contacts at the United Nations, and have been invited on several occasions to cover world discussions. It is a business tactic I will teach you that will help retain important clients.

I have also grown my Pinterest reach from 96,000 monthly views to 5 million monthly views in a short 7 months. This has allowed greater traffic flow to my website, sales, and partnerships.

The greatest skill set I will share with those who I work with is the business tactics and mentality it takes to hit goals. As well as:

  • How to communicate with business prospects,
  • Creating a clear business plan and direction,
  • Pinpoint necessary areas to invest time and money,
  • And how to structure a workflow that yields the results you’re looking for. AKA work more efficiently, not harder.

If you are in media, looking to grow your blog, need help with elevating your reach, looking to cultivate more connections in the field you’re in, let’s work together!

Please feel free to send an email with your current goals, and we can set up a complimentary consultation: rockpaperglam@gmail.com.