Learn What Rent The Runway Just Announced!

What Rent The Runway Just Announced!

If you have been following this blog for a little bit, you may have picked up on the fact that I love Rent The Runway. I wrote two reviews (here and here), and recommend them all the time. In my opinion, it is the best way to do sustainable fashion and try all the latest designer pieces.

Today, Rent the Runway announce a new monthly rental plan and I am soo pumped about it. To my UK friends, I’ll try to see if there is an equivalent to this program for you! For my US readers, here all the deets! BTW, I am not sponsored by Rent The Runway and never had, I truly just am in love with the company and their services.

What’s New With Rent The Runway

It was just released that Rent the Runway is now offering a monthly membership of any four items at the sweet price of $89. Meaning you get four new DESIGNER pieces for the entire month at a fraction of the price. Designer bags, like this one, are over $1k and you can rent it plus three more for an entire month for under $100. This is every fashionista’s dream.

Why Is This A Great Deal?

First of all $89 divide by 4 is $22.25. That’s Forever 21 prices for Elizabeth and James quality. Now, think about what you can get for $89. That’s a pair of jeans at Topshop. A blazer from Zara. Maybe a pair of shoes depending on where you are shopping. Half of a Rebecca Minkoff purse. But from Rent the Runway, you are able to create a full look or stock up on staples to wear all month long! They are all designer pieces, so you can feel confident and stunning in what you’re rocking. If you are concern about sustainability, closet space, or budget this may be the best option for you!

How I Would Use The Membership

I would stretch that $89 as much as possible and this is how. I would absolutely rent a designer purse (as close to $1K) each month. I would then add in one outer layer that I know I could wear daily (jacket, vest, blazer, peacoat). For the last two pieces, I would look at my calendar to see if I had any events on the horizon. If so I would pick out pieces for each event. If not, I would pick out trends I really wanted to try but didn’t want to invest it.

Ps. I already asked what happens if the sizing is off. They said, as long as you tell them within 24 hours they are happy to send out a new size free of cost.

With $89 You Can Choose 4 of Any Of These Pieces!

Click below to see exactly what you can rent for an entire month for only $89. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would do!


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