Jewel’s powerful story and inspirational words

Yesterday I recently visited the set of AOL Build, where the mega online hub hosts daily interviews with big named celebrities. I sat in on an interview with folk-country singer Jewel. If you grew up in the ’90s like I did, you’d remember jammin’ to her songs on the radio along with Savage Garden.

What I did not remember was how much Jewel had overcome at such a young age. She grew up in an abusive household, ran away at 15, became homeless at 16 and started stealing to make it through. She then started singing and songwriting which led her to become an American sensation.

But how did Jewel turn her life around? She mentioned in the interview that while shoplifting a sundress, she looked at herself in the mirror, and thought “I became the statistic”. With massive anxiety (something I can relate to) she became very aware of her hands to calm herself down and to become more present. Jewel went on to mention that our hands are the tools of our thoughts; if you really want to know what you are thinking and feeling watch your hands. I thought this was an interesting point.

Jewel spoke upon Happiness as a process. It is acknowledging pain as a part of life- it is inescapable, but being present in the very moment helps make the process better. It allows happiness to be part of the process when intertwining present gratitude with the hardship. I also didn’t realize how beyond intelligent and funny Jewel is! All of which you can see in the interview below.

The talented artist is launching  a new website soon entitled Never Broken, and has a book out now that will help those who suffer from anxiety or overcoming life obstacles. From hearing her speak, I have a new respect for Jewel as an artist, a survivor, and as a human being.


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