Discover the tights that fight cellulite 

If you knew tights would fight cellulite while you wore them, would you buy them? Is that even a question!

These item M6 beauty tights do just that, fight cellulite while wearing them. I gave them a test recently while having a massive shoot day. I was on my feet the whole day when I wore the black opaque tights.

This is what I noticed:

  • First, they are super duper supportive! The companies top secret is compression. The tights are designed to compress the legs giving support, balance, and comfort to your look. Plus they shape your legs into beautiful silhouettes!
  • They felt like leggings but look formal like tights. They are made to feel like second skin, and warm enough to keep body heat in during those cold winter months.
  • They are long lasting! I am not worried about snagging them because they are built from fibers used for high-performance sports apparel. Meaning these tights are durable and made to last!
  • They fight cellulite. “Ceramic crystals were melted into the compression fabric which converts body heat into infrared frequency and can stimulate the breakdown of fat cells”. Pretty cool huh?!

They are available at Bloomingdales and come in a variety of styles! Check them out for yourself. They make great gifts as well as the perfect accessories to holiday dresses.

item m6 beauty tights

These tights were a gift, but the opinions were all mine! 


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