Irresistible Me Holiday Look

The holiday’s are coming! Meaning plenty of photos opportunities at family gatherings, parties, and other celebrations. I want to take a moment to show what I use to add some punch to my hair because honestly nothing is better than a really great hair day.

For starters, I have thick curly hair that has a mind of its own. Therefore, many formal events I like to straighten my locks to keep each strand in place (at least try to).

Next, I like to add a little volume or style to my look. I recently received these amazing natural hair extensions from Irresistible Me, which not only adds the perfect amount of volume but also length! I am a sucker for super long hair. I feel like a pint-size model with flowing blonde locks. Each time I try growing it out long for myself I get tired of the maintenance and chop everything off.

When I got these extensions, I was super eager to give them a try. I ordered the royal golden blonde in 20 inches and a weight of 200 grams. What I noticed is how well the clip-ins blended with my natural hair color and texture. I was amazed how perfectly it matched.

The process of clipping the extensions in takes some getting use to, but once they are secured, I can feel a transformation. It is like putting on high heels, there is an instance change.

This look is perfect for a New Year’s Eve party, or a Christmas cocktail party. It is a very glamorous hairstyle that will guarantee stunning in photos. For more casual events, I would simply pull back my hair in a ponytail, or braid it. Let me know if you would like for me to demonstrate a more casual holiday look with these extensions in the comments below! Stay tuned for a full review of Irresistible Me.

Irresistible Me hair extensions Holiday look The perfect Holiday hair tutorialIrresistible Me hair extensions Holiday look The perfect holiday hair

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