Interior Design Ideas for the New Year

Interior Design Ideas for the New Year

Modern design trends are always changing. It’s an industry that thrives on creative designs but it’s also spurred by past designs as well. Much like any creative industry, bringing back the past and revitalizing old ideas with a fresh coat of paint can really make a difference and kick off a completely new trend. To get you started in the New Year, we’ve put together a couple of interior design ideas that will freshen your home for 2018.


Gone are the days of expensive and eccentric single-purpose furniture ideas. We’re moving on from the pretentious and diving into the practical with 2018, and to kick start that trend we’re going to talk about the return of an iconic piece of furniture: the over sized bean bag. Bean bags were popular in the past among children, but their use has always been something that even adults could appreciate. Bean bags are multi functional pieces of furniture that allow you to sit or lounge however you want. You can sit on them, lay on them, lounge on them or even sleep on them if they’re big enough.

As a multi functional piece of furniture, bean bags represent value, comfort and quirkiness. They’re the perfect addition to any modern home with a childlike touch, and they’re great for families that have kids. However, bean bags aren’t the only type of multipurpose furniture that’s available. You can also get extendable tables and nested coffee tables that serve different purposes. If your dining room is rather small, then it would be wise to add an extending dining table so you can change the number of guests it can seat. Nested coffee tables are great for when you invite guests over because you’ll have more tables to place things like drinks and snacks.

In short, investing in multifunctional furniture is a practical way to increase the number of functions that your home may offer without sacrificing style or costing too much. If you want a great way to make more use of the space in your home and add a modern touch to your property, consider adding some multi functional furniture.

Frugal-Inspired Ideas

Money-saving is one of the main design themes of early 2018 and embracing frugality is a fantastic way to both save money and give your home a makeover. By incorporating themes such as recycling, upcycling, creativity, and thrifty living, you can completely transform by adding some affordable yet practical touches that add a wonderful charm.

For example, why not use clean empty bottles as planters? It’s a charming little way to add some greenery around the home and they’re practical to use as well. Another inexpensive idea is to go thrift store shopping for upholstery. Cushions, blankets, curtains and even accessories can all be found in thrift stores for low prices. As long as you’re willing to open your mind and embrace creativity and mismatching furniture, you can create a beautifully humble and frugal look in your home that oozes with personality. Another good way to source cheap decor is to upcycle. Many people throw away unwanted furniture because it’s too much hassle to sell or scrap properly. If you find anyone throwing away furniture or posting free furniture for pickup, go and take a look to see what you could potentially do with it. Upcycling furniture is not only a cheap way to get some new pieces in your home, but it also helps to preserve classic pieces of furniture that have been long forgotten and neglected.

Simple Shapes and Materials

To continue the trend of minimalism that has been popular for the past few years, designers are continuing to refine and simplify their ideas and they’ve arrived at using basic shapes to form the foundation for their furniture. Elegant shapes are in fashion now as eccentric and wild designs are being phased out because they simply demand too much attention. When something extremely unique exists in the room, it can steal the show and everyone’s eyes will turn towards it. This can create an undesirable interior design effect because it diverts peoples eyes away from other parts of your room.

In order to balance the decor in your home, it’s important to rely on simple shapes that can help you create a unique effect without overpowering the rest of your decor arrangement. Many simple designs often draw inspiration from retro-modern designers from past decades. They look simple, beautiful yet server their function elegantly. Some simple furniture is often created with wood because it’s a material that is easy to work with and provides plenty of stability and sturdiness. Wood cannot easily be shaped without specific tools, hence why many types of wooden furniture are actually quite simple in shape.

In terms of materials, wood is coming back as a popular material to use due to the ease of customization and the natural look it gives. Whether it’s wooden furniture such as a bookshelf or simple accessories like a coaster for your teapot, wood is around to stay this year and you should learn to embrace its simplicity. Wood is fairly inexpensive as well and there are plenty of retailers that offer all kinds of wooden furniture to add to your interior design plans.

Final words

As you can see, there are many stylish interior design trends around already and it’s still only the first month of the year. 2018 is going to continue bringing us unique pieces of furniture that will transform our homes by moving away from the expensive decor arrangements of 2017. The focus now is on affordable pieces and that means everyone can get involved with changing the feel and look of their home. It’s no longer an exclusive club reserved for the rich and famous, so get involved this year by taking control of your decor with the trendy and stylish ideas we’ve introduced in this article.


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