Incorporating Minimalism Into The Home

Minimalism is becoming more and more popular in this day and age as we transform our homes into the perfect vehicles for peace, calm and productivity. It has become one of the most popular interior design concepts for the home and it’s easy to see why.

With a clean, light base and no clutter in sight, you can really let your creativity loose.  Add bold colored pieces, or funk textured throw pillows. If you want to add a touch of minimalism to your home, here’s how to do so.

The Walls

The first step to turning your home into a spacious and light paradise is to paint the walls. If you currently have textured plain wallpaper in your home, get rid of it. The key to creating that spacious feel is to keep it plain and simple. Although white is the most common color to create that base for your minimalist design, you have other options! You can also create the same effect with light pastels and greys.  As long as the walls aren’t bold and dark, you can easily create the space you want. Many people also like to add some texture to their walls in the way of tiles. You can add large solid tiles to any room in the home, and although it might sound strange to add tiles to your living room, it actually adds a lovely feature to the design. Adding these neutral colors and elements to the wall will add depth to your room which is the perfect preparation for the next step in the process.


Now that your walls have been redesigned to incorporate that sense of minimalism; it’s time to move onto the floors. Flooring is a large part of what can make or break your interior design, and as with the walls, you want to keep it plain and simple to really set off that minimalist feel. There is a huge range of flooring types to choose from, and you can really let your creativity run wild with the type of flooring you choose. Wooden floors are a particularly popular choice for minimalist homes because they open up the space and allow for that airy feel. When it comes to choosing the type of wood you want, bamboo is a great option due to its light color. It is also particularly durable which is great for protecting against damp and warping. Polished concrete may seem like a strange choice, but it is another popular option for an open concept space. It doesn’t need much maintenance and it reflects the light around the room making the room feel much larger. Carpet, of course, is the last option, and just the same as the walls, pick a neutral, light color for the best effect.

Doors and Windows

Once you’ve completed the frame of the room, it is time to take a look at the different elements surrounding the space. Doors and windows might not seem like the most crucial thing to look at, but they can make a bigger impact on the overall feel of your design.

The idea behind minimalist design is the addition of light. The importance of natural light holds a huge impact on the design and overall feel of the home. The idea is to allow as much light into your home as possible. This will mean additional large windows is a big plus. French doors are another great design element that will bring the kitchen into the backyard. It will add a feeling of space, light and an air of modernism.

The Colors

When many of us think about minimalism, we assume that the color palette is strictly monochrome, but that’s not true. The key to a successful minimalist design is to keep the structure plain, and then add color in the form of plants, accessories, and furniture. If you have a white room with a grey fabric sofa, think about buying some bright yellow cushions for the sofa, and hanging some art on the wall. It is this type of design that looks sophisticated and clean but still has character.

Minimalist Furniture

Choosing the right furniture if the final step in creating that air of minimalism. Here is what to look for:

  •         Living Room: sofa with legs, large white bookshelf, floating shelves, flat TV
  •         Bathroom: a simple freestanding tub, mirrored cabinet, large white sink
  •         Kitchen: Marble or wooden countertops, a clock, art, small dinner table
  •         Bedroom: fitted wardrobes, blackout curtains, white sheets


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