In Pursuit Of The Perfect Pout

Perfect Pout
 Everyone has a favorite makeup product. Maybe it’s mascara that sets your heart aflutter. Perhaps the release of a new foundation is enough to make you run to a makeup counter, proffering money in exchange for the new wonder product that’s going to change your life. Or perhaps it’s lipstick; the one product that can make your face look alive, your smile brighter, and complete your entire look in one glossy (or matte) swipe.

For lipstick lovers, life can be tough. When applied correctly, lipstick looks fantastic and achieves all of the stunning, transformative delights described above. However, when lipstick is applied poorly, it can be quite devastating. The quest for the perfect pout is one that never ends– but here are a few tips that will guide you in the right direction.

Step One: Examine Your Lips

Understanding your lip shape, and how to improve it, is the first step to a perfect pout.

First, you need to consider your teeth. Misaligned, chipped, or dented teeth can have a surprisingly high impact on what your lips look like– think of your teeth as essential structuring for your lips. If your teeth cause you confidence issues as well as lipstick woes, then it’s worth getting in touch with the likes of Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center just to see if there’s anything that can improve the situation. Life’s too short to feel uncomfortable about how your teeth look.

With your teeth in good condition, providing the perfect foundation for your lips, move on to examining your lip line. Not all of us have defined lip lines. If the outline of your lips isn’t immediately obvious, try smiling as you apply lip liner; it helps to define the line. You can also try peptide serums to try and make your lip line more defined.

Step Two: Exfoliate Your Lips

Exfoliation isn’t just for your skin! Our lips are prone to dry spots and flaking, especially during the colder winter months. Not only does this make lipstick more difficult to apply, but you’ll also struggle to remove it. To remedy this issue, use a homemade lip scrub to buff your lips into shape, giving you a smooth, comfortable palette to work with.

If your lips are especially dry, you might want to increase your water intake, as dehydration is the most likely cause of dry lips.

Step Three: Use An Invisible Liner

With the foundations in place and a smooth palette to work off, you can begin applying your lip color. Use an invisible lip liner to define your lip line; if necessary, draw the line a little wider than your actual lips in some areas to help keep your lips symmetrical. Invisible lip liner is a particularly great investment as you can use it with any lip color.

Step Four: Start Your Color At Your Cupid’s Bow

Perfect Pout

Apply color to the cupid’s bow — the colloquial name for the curve of the upper lip — and then along the outline of your lips. Fill in the rest of the color gradually in swift, short strokes; these make it easier to stay in control.

Step FIve: Blot and Apply A Second Coat

Blot your lips on a tissue, then carefully apply a second coat using the technique as described in step four.

Step Six: Blot and Go

After a final blot, you’re good to go: the perfect pout achieved, every time!


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