Important Dates and Shopping Tips To Master The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Want to master the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, aka the best sale of the year? You came to the right spot! In this article, you will find the important dates, pro shopping tips, and why this sale is important. Let’s begin!

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The NSale or Nordstrom Anniversary sale is when the company releases NEW clothes, shoes, makeup, and home goods into the market at an extremely discounted price. This is the best time and place to score all new fall clothing at a fraction of the cost. Even designer goods are marked down. But be mindful of the time! Once the sale ends, the products go back up to original market value.

Important dates to know

Which brings us to the next point. Early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts July 13th (today!). Read if you qualify for early access here. The sale opens to the public July 21st. The end date is August 6th.

Pro shopping tips

Here are master tips to conquer the sale! If you follow these, you will be set and come out the other side with everything you need for Fall:

  1. Create a Budget. Knowing how much you want to spend during the sale alleviates a bulk of the stress and overwhelming sensations. With this number in mind, items you don’t need will be easier to cross off the shopping list. It will also prevent feeling guilty buying the items you do need, like fall boots or a new handbag.
  2. Take stock. Go through your closet and find the areas you need to replenish. Do you need more workout clothes? Are you in need of a new hair dryer? Write down exactly what you need for fall or the rest of the year. Those are the first to go on your shopping list.
  3. Start creating a wishlist on Nordstrom. If you create an account and sign in, you can scan the sale and add your favorite picks to a wish list. This helps gather all your items in one place and makes it easier to checkout once the sale is open.
  4. Keep checking back with Nordstrom. If items run out of your size or completely out of stock, keep checking back. Nordstrom does a great job replenishing inventory during the sale. So don’t give up if your item is not there right away.
  5. Subscribe to my newsletter. Throughout the sale, I will have more pro tips, important restock information, friendly sale date reminders, and best finds. Subscribe to the newsletter to make sure you don’t miss a beat when it comes to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
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