I Am Taking A Break…

I am taking a break, New York City Central Park

Oh my gosh, the snow is coming down today in New York City. It is insanely beautiful if you can stay in doors and not travel in the blizzard. I am right now as we speak sitting at my empty, bare desk as I finish packing up my beautiful apartment.

So many emotions have hit me in the last 24 hours, it’s almost hard to comprehend each one. I am sad to be leaving this place I called home for the past year and a half. Astoria, and this building in particular, and this cute studio, has been so good to me. Incredible memories have been made sitting at this desk as I read in astonishment the opportunities that hit my mailbox. Like being asked to be apart of Google #teampixel, to finding out we are all traveling to Sundance, to so many invitations that brought me all around the city to restaurants and hotels I would have never seen otherwise.

I also had so many cozy nights here, tucked high above Astoria and relaxing as the busy city was mere miles away. In the summer I would open up my balcony door and play music while cooking delicious food for the week. Like I said, so many incredible, blessed, miracles happened in this apartment. I am sad to leave, but I will bring these good times and memories with me.

I am also really excited for the next chapter.

Making the decision to pack up my life and go was, for me, completely necessary. Some of you may not know this but I have worked nearly every single day for the last two years. Grinding and hustling so hard for my dreams to come true. And it was worth every moment.

But I am taking a break.

I am longing to go out into this world and explore. To see how others live, to visit people I have met along the way in New York City. To challenge myself to grow in a very new way. To be completely on my own again, and force myself into uncomfortable situations.

I want to see new sights, hear new sounds, smell new smells, and taste new flavors. I am yearning for that inspiration that I cannot get anywhere else other than to travel. So that is exactly what I am doing for the next three months. I am taking off, with a one way ticket, and have no clue where I will be heading. I am packing the very minimum, and I am not going with anyone else. Just ME, myself and my deepest thoughts.

My last day in New York City is this Friday!!! If you have any suggestions on where I should travel, let me know in the comments below! I am taking my laptop and will take tons of photos. I will virtually bring you along for the ride. If you want to follow each step, I will be using Instagram Stories to document as much as I can. Thank you for always be there!

XO, Ellese


  1. Congrats !

    I can’t wait to see what your future has enstored for you, create your own fairy tale. Please come visit me in LA and London soon 💶

    Love u,


  2. Wowww! Congrats! Have a great time. Since you’re seeing family in Cali, you probably don’t need recommendations for that state (but Mill Valley, Sausalito and Monterrey are favorites). I’m looking to get to S.F. area this summer and check out the vineyards. If you go to Joshua Tree, PM me. I know someone there who works at one of their funky inns.

    Outside of California, I have to say I loved Boulder, CO. The drive from Boulder along Independence Pass to Aspen scared the hell out of me (the same way the Pacific Coast Highway freaks me out!), but if you’re not afraid of heights, it’s so incredibly beautiful you can’t believe people get anything done besides stare at the views all day. The mountains…!

    If you come back East, definitely go to Maine—Bar Harbor, especially, with Acadia National Forest. Stay up late to see the blanket of stars. And after living in the city, you’ll appreciate being able to hear the quiet. 😊

    Have a wonderful time. Here’s to relaxing, reviving and re-inspiring your creativity.



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